Inked @ YRB

YRB held its 3rd annual How You Rock It! fete at the always fun M2…

Good HAIR Daze!

With the current version of Vietnam raging in the form of the invasion of Iraq and the country finally coming out of the nightmare that was eight-years of old establishment rule, the…

7 Tips to Get That Nicotine Monkey Off Your Back

I first wrote this post in January 2015. I had a cancer diagnosis in January 2023 that made me regret every cigarette I had ever smoked and a couple of dear friends are trying to quit, so I decided to update and run this post again Here are 7 tips to help you quit. Good luck and I am rooting for you.

The Makeup Show 2023 Hits NYC

TGATP was blessed to attend The Makeup Show NYC which took place this past week on April 30th – May 1st, in NYC at The Metropolitan Pavilion. It was one of their most spectacular New York shows to date Here is the skinny with my haul.



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