Catfished By An Ex: 7 Things No Man Should Do To Re-Woo An Ex

As we get older, we often reminisce about the great loves of our earlier lives. I was blessed to have many passionate affairs in my 20’s and have kept in touch with all of my exes. But what happened this past week was a shocking wake-up call and a warning that things are often not what they seem. As a precautionary tale for older women and as a primer for older men, here are 7 things no man should do if he expects to win back a long-misplaced love.  

It’s Time To Be Real About The Barbie Movie’s Oscar Worthiness

I’m going to say it, the “Barbie” movie was fun. However, just because it made a ton of money does NOT make it a great or Oscar-worthy film. Neither Greta Gerwig, Ryan Gosling, or Margo Robbie achieved that excellence in “Barbie”. The feminist outrage that Greta and Margo were not nominated for work that wasn’t their best —even if if did make lots of money —is greatly misplaced and does not serve us well. Read on for my views on diversity in Hollywood and also my picks for the Oscars this year.

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

I usually republish the iconic “I Had A Dream Speech” on Martin Luther King Day. However, with the United States’ current foolhardy involvement and the senseless deaths on both sides in the Israel conflict, his “Beyond Vietnam” speech seems more apropos this year.

Delivered at NYC’s Riverside church on April 4th, 1967, exactly one year before he was murdered, Dr. King touches on the issues of America’s constant involvement in foreign wars and the need for all good people of conscience to speak up against them. He speaks of the globalist oppression that leads to these conflicts that can be linked to the ongoing oppression of people here in the United States. It is scary how little progress we have made in our consciousness since Dr King made this speech and that we are still raging these senseless wars. Substitute just a few words and this same speech could be made today.

Gigi Pip Is My New Favorite Hatmaker

I discovered Gigi Pip on Instagram during Covid and I have been treating myself to their hats to celebrate key life achievements ever since. I now have about 8 of their hats and am waiting for my latest to arrive. Check out my favs.

The Makeup Show 2023 Hits NYC

TGATP was blessed to attend The Makeup Show NYC which took place this past week on April 30th – May 1st, in NYC at The Metropolitan Pavilion. It was one of their most spectacular New York shows to date Here is the skinny with my haul.