Boxed Water Has A Yummy New Flavor – Watermelon!


Boxed Water™ is my favorite water because the brand does everything right for our health and the environment. It has plant-based packaging, with natural fruit flavors that provide healthy hydration. Boxed Water Watermelon is the newest flavor added to the brand’s product portfolio to provide consumers with a tasty way to satisfy their thirst this summer. The new product is available for purchase online and boasts the brand’s signature 100% purified drinking water with the natural flavor of watermelon, which isn’t too overpowering or cloying. The refreshment comes in the standard Boxed Water plant-based carton packaging and has no artificial sweeteners making it perfect for health-conscious consumers.Chief Revenue Officer Rob Koenen commented on the inspiration behind Boxed Water Watermelon saying, “All of our flavors have been well received – even completely selling out when we first launched – so we wanted to make sure to offer the perfect option for summer. And it really doesn’t get better than watermelon and pure, planet-pleasing hydration.” 


I was blessed to be invited to a launch party for the new flavor and the Boxed Water One Tree Planted initiative at SoulCycle Williamsburg. Boxed Water™ is embarking on urban tree planting initiatives and supporting environmental justice for communities in need. One such project is happening here in New York, with 800 out of 2,000 trees now planted at Kissena Park in Queens.  The fun-filled evening featured a SoulCycle class, massages, and aura readings with yummy vegan snacks and of course, Boxed Water Watermelon. My aura reading was amazing and totally on point! The blue represents intuition and sensitivity, the pink signifies an open and abundant heart and gratitude, the purple is the mark of an unconventional visionary, and the white a higher consciousness and vibration with cosmic wisdom. These are all things that best describe me or that I am actively seek, so it was amazing to see that my aura is emitting them.
That Girl At the Party

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