TGATP Life Lessons

Returning To Your Core

Although I am not Jewish, Yom Kippur is a holiday that we can all benefit from observing. The Day of Atonement, which ushers in the fall season, is always a great time to access the year and plan for the next one. Today I reflect on the year’s major lesson for me, which was to eliminate all outside negativity and return to the core of my being. As is always the case, with people of Spirit, what was meant for my harm actually produced great beauty and clarity.

Forget #WhyIStayed Make It #WhyILeft

As a woman of considerable experience, it often appalls me to watch the way in which many of my gender have totally lost the plot and surrendered their power. Rhianna and Janay Palmer, now Mrs. Rice, are just the most recent examples of women, who have stood by their abusers. Hell, Janay was even dumb enough to marry a man, who came close to killing her! This has got to stop. NOW.

You’re Happy And Successful… Here Come The Haters!

In response to both a recent article by Angela Kim of Savor The Success and recent occurrences in my Life, this post addresses the “high schoolization” and influx of “haters” in current American society – both its causes and how to address it.

Picking A Proper Roommate

I lived on my own for 17 years, before getting priced out of my Williamsburg home, two years ago. Thus, with the site, a new PR and social media business to run and two start-ups plus a foundation to build, it was easier on my purse strings to go the roommate route. Here are some tips for picking a great roommate when you are no longer a spring chicken.