TGATP Favorite Vegan Foods For Summer 2024

Dozens of studies show that a vegan diet is better for your health. While I still eat fish occasionally, I am vegan 98% of the time. However staying vegan has required tons of experimentation to find the best vegan alternatives to my favorite films. Fortunately, nowadays there is a plant-based version of every type of food. Here are my faves for Summer 2024!

1. My Bacon Vegan Bacon – Made of organic mushroom mycelium, organic coconut oil, organic sugar, natural flavor, and salt, this is the best vegan bacon. There are minimal ingredients and the texture tastes feels like bacon.

2.  Momofuku Noodles – With just wheat, salt and water, these noodles are a must-have staple in my kitchen right now. Add some bok choy, peas, or spinach for a perfect light meal.

3. Grown Ass Vegan Mac and Cheese – I have tried tons of boxed vegan Mac and Cheese and this is the very best. I prefer the truffle-flavored.

4. Boursin Dairy Free Cheese Spread Alternative – One of the products I missed the most when I first became vegan is my beloved Boursin cheese. I am so happy to have found this vegan version. You can serve this delicious cheese to non-vegan friends and they will not be able to tell the difference.

5. Ritter Vegan Chocolate One of the hardest things to find is good vegan milk chocolate. Fortunately, Ritter Sport has just dropped a line of vegan chocolates that taste exactly like their milk-based originals.


6. Back To Nature Fudge CookiesThe fudge-striped goodness you remember from childhood in a vegan version.

7.  Stroop Club Traditional Stroopwafel   – An organic, vegan version of the dutch classic, these are delish. I keep these in the house at all times.


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