Gigi Pip Is My New Favorite Hatmaker

I discovered Gigi Pip on Instagram during Covid and I have been treating myself to their hats to celebrate key life achievements ever since. I now have about 8 of their hats and am waiting for my latest to arrive. Check out my favs.

Marimekko X Uniqlo Is The Ultimate Collaboration

I live for Uniqlo’s comfy but mega-stylish clothes, especially the designer collaborations.  My very favorite is the Marimekko collaboration. I have to have one or two of these pieces with each new line and now have a lovely collection of Marimekko x Uniqlo pieces.

Basic Style Guide for One Shoulder Dresses

One-shoulder dresses are perfect for both day events and evening affairs . Here are 6 fashion tips that you should consider to pull off a one-shoulder ensemble.

I Love Marimekko X Uniqlo

Just in time for Black Friday, Marimekko is dropping its latest collaboration for Uniglo. Being a longtime fan of everything Marimekko and an avid Uniglo shopper this is a dream come true for me!  From babies to adults, there is something for everyone of every shape and size. 

Pop Bag Is The Must-Have Accessory For Fall/Winter 2019

Regular TGATP readers know that I am handbag obsessed. So when I was invited to check out the POP BAG store I was thrilled to go. Every gal needs at least one of these awesome innovations as an accessory staple. The concept is so simple, yet unique, that I am surprised no one thought of it till now. Check out these lovely bags!

Most Popular Dress Trends For Fall 2019

Unless you are a fashionista, planning your wardrobe for events can be worrying.  This article will reveal some insights straight off the catwalk, so you know exactly what is a la mode for fall 2019. You will be able to plan your wardrobe and shop for every fall event, including your college homecoming, with full confidence that your style will be on point.