Living For the New Dionis Goat Milk Skincare Deodorant


Bucks County-based beauty brand Dionis Goat Milk Skincare is excited to announce its expansion of luxurious bath and body products with its all-new aluminum and fragrance-free Goat Milk Deodorant Stick.

Along with their bestselling hand creams, lip balms, shave butter,
body lotions, and more, the Goat Milk Deodorant Stick is an invisible, odor-protecting deodorant that is free of pore-clogging ingredients, like aluminum and baking soda. Full of skin-beneficial vitamins and nutrients naturally found in goat milk, the deodorant is non-greasy and applies beautifully with effective odor protection your underarms crave. Free from toxic ingredients, this gentle and non-greasy deodorant is guaranteed to keep you smelling fresh with its blend of 100% natural botanical orange oil with top notes of fresh orange zest.

About Dionis Skincare

Female lead and American owned for over 40 years, Dionis is committed to the connection between beauty and nature and continues to be a leader in clean beauty brand with strong leadership, strict product quality guidelines, and of course, goat milk in every product for ultimate moisture. Dionis’ premium line of clean, luxurious bath and body products offering hand creams, lip balms, shave butter, body scrubs, and more, are available to shop direct-to-consumer with prices ranging from $5-$50 and available at select retailers including ULTA.

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