Sam Fine “The Basics of Beauty” DVD Launch

Although the venue was too packed and hot (people,  start getting fans for these small spaces!), the Sam Fine “The Basics of Beauty” DVD launch, held at the Plaza and sponsored by…

Jazz For Justice

Hard economic times wreak havoc in all sorts of ways that we don’t always readily think about.  I attended Jazz for Justice, a benefit dinner for Legal Services NYC, and was made…

Walk Those Pounds Away

Adding and maintaining physical activity in your daily routine requires dedication. But it doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise to improve your health. What matters is the level of commitment you give to the exercise you choose and your willingness to keep at it. Walking provides the perfect exercise solution for everyone. It does not require anything special – so get moving girl!

6 DIY Date-Night Hairstyles Tips and Tricks

I am always down for new hairstyling ideas. Check out these super cute looks in this sponsored post from Perfect Locks.



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