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Vanity Fair is, and always has been, my very favorite magazine.  But it is totally unacceptable that in this era of Obama (and in Black History Month, for Christsakes!) the magazine would publish a supposed young Hollywood cover completely devoid of a single actress of color.  Not one African-American, Latina American, Asian American, or even a suntan, amongst a sea of pale faces!  Imagine how pissed off readers would be if Vanity Fair did the same cover and did not include a single Caucasian actress!  Honestly, who makes these sort of idiotic, editorially racist, decisions in this day and age?  There were just too many actresses of color to choose from for this to have been anything but an intentional whitewash.  Zoe Saldana starred in two of the biggest blockbusters of the year (hell, “Avatar” is the highest grossing film in HISTORY!) and America Fererra has a film coming out this spring and is still headlining“Ugly Betty”.  Then there’s the lovely young Vanessa Hudgens and “Slumdog Millionaire” cutie, Frieda Pinto.  Why weren’t any of these gals included?

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