Tweets and Fashion Round-up from the Grammys

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The Grammys were their usual out of touch self this year with awards going to tons of folks that I had never even heard of over far bigger hits.  For example, was totally po’d that The Black Eyed Peas were robbed of their much deserved Record of the Year Grammy for “I Got A Feeling”.  But at least, they won Pop Album and Pop Song,  And Beyonce was robbed for a second time this year when the Album of the Year unjustly went to Taylor Swift.  How can an album win six individual Grammys and not be Album Of the Year???  Swift later dropped one on the after red carpet.  That was probably the one that the universe knew should’ve gone to Beyonce!  Loved what Mario Cantone said today on “The View” about the ridiculous 3-D thing for the Michael Jackson tribute.  He’s right.  Only like ten people got the flippin’ glasses and tons of folks relayed via Twitter said that they didn’t even work.

What follows are some of my tweets and Facebook posts during the show:

Interesting pairing of Lady Gaga with Elton. Her re-invention has to be one of the most amazing in music history.  Just a coupla years ago, she was a lame bar singer.  No one would’ve dreamed she’d be the Star she is now! Lady Gaga has definitely come a long, long, way and been very cleverly manufactured.  (Check out the video)

JLO needs to fire the stylist!  This is the second hot mess outfit in a month!

Not such a great idea to drip water on people’s Grammy finery, Pink!  I’d be furious!

Beyonce her usual Sasha fierce self!  Love the troop idea!

Nice to see that the cast of the upcoming American Idiot is gonna be multi-racial.  Looks like a must-see.

Gosh, that yummy Simon Baker has some really big hands! LOL

Black Eye Peas song is the ultimate Spiritualist song for the Age of Aquarius!  It just always makes me smile!

Ting Tings and MGMT got ROBBED!  Who is Zac Brown??


Great to see my friend George Clinton in the audience funking out to Jamie! What was with the weird opera thing?

Wow 30 years of Bon Jovi! Jon still a hottie; Richie has become a nottie.

MJ thing so sad!  But love, love, love Jennifer Hudson!  She was always a beauty but she looks so amazing thinner.

Mary J and Andrea just off the hook!  INCREDIBLE!  One of the best performances in Grammy history!

Quentin Tarantino trying too hard!

WTF with the sound drop outs during Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, and Drake??  Don’t the Grammy people know who they are?  Didn’t they rehearse???

Where the F is Kanye when we need him!  Beyonce ROBBED AGAIN!  How could she get SIX AWARDS and still not be ALBUM OF THE YEAR!  Is the PITY AWARDING for this Taylor girl ever gonna end?  I mean, enough already!  Are they gonna give her a flippin’ Oscar too?!

Fashion Round-up – Way harder to find well-dressed musos than film folk!  Thus the worse far outnumber the best!

The Best

Mary J Blige – Mega elegant in her Gucci pink with gorgeous diamonds.  Ready for a new look with her hair though as it’s a bit stuck in the ‘90s.

Keri Hilson – Flawless!  Mermaid done right.

Sheryl Crow – Loved the chocolate Bottega Veneta dress and cuff.  But shame about those doorknocker earrings.

Lea Michelle – Cute in one shoulder Romona Keveza shredded mini.  Needs to be careful not to repeat looks, as this dress was almost a shorter version of her Golden Globes one.

Kathy Griffin – Brought movie star glamour to the fashion slacking event in Caroline Herrera.

Mario Lopez – Always well dressed.

Mya – Shimmered in lovely silver dress with ruby red lips

Rhianna – Gorgeous in Elie Saab.  A complete picture in elegance.

And the Worst

Colbie Caillat – Cheap Vegas showgirl in Nicholas Gibran.

Adam Lambert – Looked completely ridiculous in a black shiny suit with weird bolo tie, rings, and bad shoes with far too much makeup.  Who styled him?  Liberace’s former stylist?

Heidi Klum – Once again a mess!  Dress ok but color washed her completely out!

Nick Cannon – Bad chocolate velvet suit was rumpled and unkempt.  Looked like a ‘80s prom suit.

Pink – Dress, from Tony Ward Haute Couture, looked like a costume for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade!  And the whole ass out thing during her, performance was definitely not hot!  I would’ve been furious if she had dripped all over my Grammy dress!  People could be seen on the ground trying to dodge the drips.

Katy Perry – What is going on with Zac Posen?  Dress looked cheap and appliqués were awful!  In addition, the color totally matched her skin tone thus washed her out.  Plus, what was up with that awful uni-bang hairdo?

John Legend – Great suit completely jacked up by decision to pair it with a Mr. Rodgers style sweater!  Why, John why?

Wyclef Jean – Looked like a mortician and then topped it off with blinding white sneakers!

Mos Def – Sorry Mos!  Love you and you are my boy.  But while usually impeccably dressed, you looked like you were gonna park cars in that jacket and cap.

Ke$ha – Zombie flapper!

LMFAO – Are they the sons of Weird Al Yankovic?  Dreadful!

Ciara – In lace Givenchy jumpsuit, looked like an extra from the original Battlestar Galactica!  God-awful!

Imogen Heap – One word: Why?

Nicole Kidman –  Nicole needs to fire her latest stylist because she has looked consistently awful this past year!  She looked like a Grandma in that awful satin Prada dress and the hair was terrible too!

Snooki – Resembled a fat Italian sausage in dreadful purple mini!  But at least the hair was better without that stupid bun thing on top.

Jay Manuel – Ripped up jeans and a bad jacket with silver pointed boots?  WTF was he thinking?  I expect much more coming from a so-called fashion insider!  Completely wipes out his credibility as a fashion expert!

Britney Spears – Back to the psych ward for Britney and everyone that let her walk out the door with that horrid ensemble!

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