The American Antiques Show

When I was little, my mom loved to go antiquing but I have always been weird about anything second-hand.  With my belief that energy can be imbued into one’s possessions, it seems slightly creepy to have dead people’s stuff in the home and I have always preferred everything be shiny and new.  However, that all changed when I attended the American Antiques Show at The Metropolitan Pavilion last Wednesday!  (Sorry, taking so long to report on this.  The whole wacko, partycrashing/stalker incident had me slightly off kilter!) I am now in love with American antiques, particularly Folk Art, and plan to include some pieces in the upcoming redecoration of my apartment.  Unfortunately, I missed one of my new sheroes, Martha Stewart, who was in attendance.  (By the way, Martha’s recent segment in which she flirtatiously made brownies with Snoop Dogg is a hilarious TV classic moment!) However, I did get to chat for a minute with Cindy Adams, another role model, and met the legendary Lynda Johnson Robb, LBJ and Lady Bird‘s daughter. Former Time Warner President and current Obama advisor, Richard Parsons was jovial and a complete blast even teasing my friend that he and TGATP go way back even though we had just met!  The caterers, who are usually great, were a bit off, and inexplicably, started serving sandwiches that looked like someone brought them from home.  In addition, one waiter kept running through the room trying not to serve the guests and actually snapped at a patron for no reason!  But even the bad catering could not ruin a magical evening of glittering people and beautiful antiques!  My favorite pieces are too numerous to name but included some antique instruments, a large food sign, and a American Indian jacket and slippers.  I am very excited to have a new passion for American folk antiques!

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