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Ella Danla Handbags Are Elegant Instant Classics

November 20, 2014 – 8:38 am | No Comment

This past Fashion Week I got to meet a wonderful woman with the most amazing line of clutches I have ever seen! This holiday season, please treat someone special to an Ella Danla bag. I use mine every single day now as a tablet holder. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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November 13, 2014 – 9:07 am | No Comment


Amid all the recent horrific domestic violence reports from the NFL and proliferation of rape on college campuses across the nation, Verizon Wireless, one of the league’s biggest partners, has stepped up to reaffirm its stance on domestic violence: We must all band together to end domestic violence.

The company’s CEO, Lowell McAdam, made it clear in a recent editorial that the real issue at hand is not the image of Verizon or the NFL, but “the scourge of domestic violence itself.” He noted that it’s highly likely that you know someone who have been abused, physically or emotionally, by someone close to them.

According to the Avon Foundation for Women, 60 percent of Americans know someone who has been abused while 22 percent of people are victims themselves. Those staggering statistics only further drive home McAdam’s main point: We need to talk about domestic violence, because that is the only way we can eliminate the culture of denial surrounding the topic.

To help accomplish this goal, Verizon launched a new public awareness campaign this past June called Voices Have Power. You can see it here: http://www.voiceshavepower.com/

It is an online, social media platform that allows users to send messages of hope to victims of domestic violence. And for every message sent through the service, Verizon will donate $3 to domestic violence prevention organizations throughout the U.S.

If you would like to participate in Voices Have Power, you can do so via text at 94079 or through social media using the hashtag #VoicesHavePower.

Voice Have Power is run through HopeLine (http://www.verizonwireless.com/aboutus/hopeline/index.html), a program started in 1995 to provide domestic violence organizations and shelters with recycled wireless phones and accessories. Victims then receive the refurbished phones with free minutes and texting plans. Since 2001, they have donated more than $21 million in cash grants and 180,000 cell phones.

Jean Shafiroff and Pucci Host Design The Dream

November 3, 2014 – 1:58 pm | No Comment

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff and renowned Italian fashion house Emilio Pucci hosted “Design the Dream” on Thursday, October 23, 2014, as part of Madison Avenue Fashion Heritage Week, benefitting the Museum at FIT through the Museum’s Couture Council.

75 Main For A Yummy Fall Meal

October 22, 2014 – 10:59 am | No Comment

With the partying summer crowd gone, the fall season can be the best time to visit Southampton. On your next visit, stop by 75 Main for a scrumptious fall meal.

Faking it Until You Make it: Six Steps to Gaining Credibility as a Startup

October 10, 2014 – 12:23 pm | No Comment

With this magazine, a PR company, 3 start-up ideas, and a Foundation, my mind is always on business these days! Thus, I am very happy to offer any article that will help my fellow entrepreneurs. I have launched a new category “TGATP Business School” to bring you interviews and articles from the greatest business minds in the world. Here is a great piece from writer/entreprenuer Danielle Tate on the best ways to take your idea from a twinkle in your eye to an actual start-up!

Resident Magazine Celebrates At The Villagio

September 2, 2014 – 11:30 pm | No Comment

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson celebrated her August 2014 cover of Resident Magazine at Italian restaurant Villagio on the Park on Thursday, August 28, 2014. Check out the deets here!

Laura Prepon Hosts The Bella Magazine White Party

August 1, 2014 – 9:16 am | No Comment

The Hamptons have been smoking this summer with hot parties from Jill Zarin, Phillip Bloch, and now Bella Magazine!

Five Holistic Summer Beauty Trends To Try Now

July 25, 2014 – 5:02 pm | No Comment

The sad secret our Mamas never tell us is that as we get older everything gets drier! My hair needs constant conditioning now and the skin on my body needs constant moisturizing. Thus, I was so happy to learn about these wonderful trends and products to combat dryness during the summer and year round.

Sex Tape Is Riotous Good Fun!

July 20, 2014 – 7:05 pm | No Comment

I laughed my ass of at “Sex Tape”, which is a cautionary tale about filming yourself with a lover and not immediately deleting it.

TGATP Attends Jill Zarin’s 2nd Annual Luxury Ladies Luncheon

July 15, 2014 – 10:05 am | No Comment

I had a blast this past weekend on my first foray into the Hamptons this summer. Jill Zarin held her annual Luxury Ladies Luncheon where guests were treated to pampering, product previewing and a lovely BBQ lunch!