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Burgers And Lobster Is Our Fav New NYC Hotspot!

February 27, 2015 – 11:52 am | No Comment

What could be better than a joint dedicated to my two favorite food items at the affordable price of just $20! Originating in London, Burger & Lobster just opened in NYC and has instantly become my new favorite hang-out!

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The Accessories Council #ACTOPPICKS for Valentine’s Day 2015!

February 7, 2015 – 5:56 pm | No Comment

My favorite three days of the year are Christmas, my birthday and Valentine’s Day, which all offer perfect excuses to gift others and also spoil yourself silly! Here are some truly great gifts from the Accessories Council! (Level 2 Post)


1.  Eye Of The Sea Bracelets – ($50) – I’m always wearing stacks of bracelets on my left arm, so fell totally in Love with these.  Each bracelet is made of a different type of healing stone.   The Rose Quartz, the stone of the heart and unconditional love, (pictured above) is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  It helps dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments, balances emotions bringing inner peace and calms and lowers stress.  I am wearing mine every day now and it DEFINITELY got me through the first pain-in-the-ass Mercury Retrograde of 2015!




2.  Jing Ai Velvet Shine Lip Jewel Pencils – ($22) – Make the gal in you Life even more kissable!  I have been a fan of Donna Cristino and her organic Jing Ai brand for years now and use their blush everyday.  The new line of lip shine is a welcome addition to my makeup bag.  



3.  Carolee Heart Collection – ($30-$70) – Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes this adorable, yet affordable, collection of heart shaped jewelry from Carolee.  Buy a pair to really make this gift special.




4.  Pico Design Jewelry – ($125 for the earrings pictured above) – Trendy, architectual based pieces for the more modern woman, these are sure to stand out.  I am obsessed with these post/drop earrings called Oak Park, made of gold vermeil framed by sterling silver that would make an elegant staple for every outfit. 




5.  Black Lace Skin Jewelry – ($15 to $70) – For Valentine’s Day, the couture temporary tattoo brand, has added a special limited-edition red heart to their stunning collection of skin adornment.



6. Trollbeads – ($166 for bracelet pictured) – Founded in Denmark in 1976, this brand is simply adorable!  I love the little troll faces on the original beads and now you can buy dozens of different designs.  Gift one bead at a time for each special occasion.  For Valentine’s Day, I recommend this red leather Aim for the Heart bracelet with a cupid and a heart.





7. Alanna Bess Jewelry – ($298 for the cuff pictured above) – If I had a beau this year – with two businesses, a start-up and a foundation to launch, just don’t have time! - he would be buying me this!  This cuff of 18K solid gold over hammered brass with a semi-precious stone inlayed is a must-have!

8.  Swarovski Jewelry and Accessories  – ($132 on Amazon for sunglasses pictured)  I have tons of jewelry from Swarovski and while the pieces make great Valentine’s Day presents, the sunglasses are an even better gift.  The Diva, in black with white opal glitter, is perfect for those early morning walk-of-shames in the beginning of any new relationship!  



9. Mr. Parker Backpack from MR Collection  – ($415) – Luxury meets necessity in a backpack of the softest Italian bubbled lambskin. This would also be on my Valentine’s Day boyfriend gift list!





10.  Roman and Sunstone Inspiration Bracelet  – ($35) – Give this to everyone you care about male or female, young or old -including yourself – and you will help make the Universe, a better place to be.  The message to “Live, Love, and Laugh” is something we all can do more of! 




11.  Chuao Chocolatier Cinnamon Cereal Smooch Bar and Strawberry Waffle Wild Bar – ($6) – The newest flavors are yummy in this line of chocolates from Chef Michael and Richard Antonorsi, two Venezuelan brothers, living their dream in San Diego. Unusual flavor combinations are at the heart of Chuao Chocolatier’s unique experience and these do not disappoint.


12. Betsey Johnson Be Mine Again Tote  ($74) – This is a super cute gift for your nieces and other young women on your list that you just want to give a little something, springy and special for Valentine’s Day!  Covered with hearts with an touch of metallic at the bottom.





13.  Mondrina Tallulah Fringed Bucket Bag  – ($425) – Gorgeous and roomy, this is a beautiful grey Spring bag.  Perfect gift for those gals, like me, that are a bit hippie and handbag obssessed!


14. Perpetual Shade Luxury Silk Sleepmask  ($69) –  Gives new meaning to sleeping with someone, as it will actually help you sleep!  Baby Love, the limited edition Valentine’s Day mask is filled with 100% lamb’s wool  and the 100% silk fabric on the face side of the mask with the soft elastic band prevents light from disrupting your sleep Each mask comes with a black silk travel bag, so you never have to leave home without it.

15.  Crystal Kodada Limitless Tote – ($498) – I need this!  A tote for woman, like me, have to carry a ton of stuff for business.  With this bag, I could maybe even be down to one instead of two bags.

16.  Steve Madden Bag In A Bag  – There were lots of cute bags at this year’s preview.  This cool two-for-one blue tote from Steve Madden is the perfect size and will add a pop of color to any ensemble.  Great for getaways as you can use either the small crossbody or the larger tote.  

#TheMoms Mamarazzi Event With Molly Sims

February 3, 2015 – 8:39 am | No Comment

I am a HUGE #MollySims fan, having interviewed her back in 2010 when she launched her now defunct jewelry line, GraycebyMollySims. Thus, it was a great honor to attend the Mamarazzi® Event with Molly Sims at Artisanal Fromagerie Bistro, which was hosted by Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein of #THEMOMS , in conjunction with BigBelli Co and Lyve, Read on for details.

Celebrate Three Kings Day With Payard Bakeries and Le Creuset

January 6, 2015 – 10:55 am | No Comment

Most people finish celebrating Christmas far too early! There are actually twelve days of Christmas and today is the last one. Thus, we are so happy that French pastry chef, Francois Payard has teamed with Le Creuset to offer a chance to win both cookware and yummy bakery treats! Read on for how to win!

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9 Foods For Good Fortune In The New Year

January 1, 2015 – 10:47 am | No Comment

As I strolled through the Whole Foods aisles figuring out what best to make for the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s meal, I stumbled across an incredible deal on lobster tails for just $5.99 and a turkey leg for a mere .82! But then, I realized why. According to numerous superstitions, these are two of the worst things you can eat on New Year’s Day! I want to pass my newfound knowledge onto you, dear TGATP readers, lest you ruin your whole year by consuming the wrong foods!

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#HolidayMovie Scorecard

December 25, 2014 – 11:20 am | No Comment

From the funniest movie of the year to two inspiring bio pics, from a wonderous musical to a sweeping historical saga, 2014 is a banner year for great holiday movies. Oh and I’ve seen “The Interview” too! Here is a rundown of what to see and what to skip this season.

We Wish You An Epson Christmas!

December 23, 2014 – 9:56 pm | No Comment

I have always been mad for Epson printers and am very excited about the new projectors, so theses products are the top of my Christmas must-have list.

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About Those Leaked Sony Emails

December 15, 2014 – 8:13 am | No Comment

At the press conference for Selma this weekend, the conversation amongst the assembled press was all about both the links between the film and the current police brutality situaion and the Sony hack. Here is my opinion on the latter.

12 Great Holiday Gift Ideas From The Accessories Council #ACTOPPICKS

December 12, 2014 – 9:47 am | No Comment

It is me and every other shopaholic’s favorite time of year – holiday gift giving season! If there is anything as thrilling as shopping for yourself, it is shopping for the people you love in anticipation of their thrill and surprise on Christmas Day. In the second TGATP Holiday story for 2014, we recommend our favorite gift ideas from the #ACTOPPICKS Holiday Preview.

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#Treetopia Makes The Perfect Christmas Tree

December 11, 2014 – 9:37 pm | No Comment

I opted for an artificial tree this Christmas to avoid all the hassle of lugging a real one through the streets of NY and cleaning up pine needles all season. #Treetopia makes the best artificial tree money can buy. Their trees are so real that no one will ever know didn’t go to a tree farm and cut it down yourself!

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