Gigi Pip Is My New Favorite Hatmaker

I first started sporting hats to complete my style in college and have worn them for all of my adult life. Hats just add that last extra touch to everything you are wearing. In London, I had a private hatmaker.

I discovered Gigi Pip on Instagram during Covid and I have been treating myself to their hats to celebrate key life achievements ever since. I now have about 8 of their hats and am waiting for my latest to arrive. Here are my favs:



The Emma | 146.

This was my first Gigi Pip hat and it’s a showstopper.



The Rendon Crown | 168.

This is my latest acquisition in celebration of almost being back to 100% with my physical health, and also clearing out the clutter and dead weight in my life.



The Ezra Western Hat | 124.

The Ezra is my favorite and my go-to when I want to make a style impression. I always get compliments when I wear either of my two.



The Teddy Cattleman | 156.

This one is on the way, I’ll be sporting this throughout the battle for democracy that will be raging from now through January 2025. If we do not re-elect President Biden and give both majorities back to the Democrats, we will no longer have one.



Zephyr Rancher — Dark Cherry | 129.

This deep=cherry rancher is a perfect fall addition to your hat collection.



Amelia Pencil Brim Fedora | 159.

I am jonseing for this one next. It will go with everything.



Jolie Boater | 112.

This gorgeous hat gives Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” vibes. It’s a showstopper and a steal at this price! It’s so glamorous paired with big glasses with either a black polka-dot or white scarf tied around it.

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