The Ultimate Tropical Paradise Islands

When it comes to relaxation, it doesn’t get any better than a sun-drenched tropical island. With pristine sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, balmy breezes and colorful sunsets, it is no wonder that heading…

UGG announces the SS19 UGG Collective

For over 40 years, UGG has been a champion of bold individualism. In an innovative marketing initiative, TGATP favorite UGG footwear has announced The SS19 UGG Collective. The brand has partnered with…

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

So much has changed – Obama and Oprah are evidence of King’s Dream realized, yet so much has stayed the same – Black men are still being lynched by cops and civilians, African-American unemployment is double the national average, and racism, while cloaked, is alive and well. Dr. King’s Dream is still only half realized but at least we are on the way!

Tips to Navigate Times Square Like a New Yorker

  With so many tourists visiting the NYC area over the holidays, it is vital to know how to properly navigate key areas. Time Square is home to over 40 theaters in…



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