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Get Shady This Christmas!

Like Anna Wintour, I live in sunglasses and sport them 12-7. So natch, I think they make the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list. Check out these hot shade trends from out favorite celebrities with a little TGATP celebrity dish attached in our new monthly series, sponsored by the Sunglasses Shop UK!

Eat Your Heart Out Madonna, It’s Gaga On the Vogue September Issue Cover!

On August 21st, the Bible of Fashion, every Fashionista’s textbook, the One we wait for all year, the edition that has made and broken editors’ careers, the only issue to be a subject of a documentary film – The Vogue September Issue hits newsstands! Celebrating 120 years of American style, with style icon, Lady Gaga, on the cover (eat your heart out, Madonna!) it will be 916 pages of gorgeous Fall Fashion!

Exclusive: Lady Gaga Goes to India and You Can Join Her!

TGATP Contributor/Desi Hits Editor In Chief, Anita Chatterjee gives us the exclusive scoop on Lady Gaga’s trip to India, Nicole Scherzinger’s Right There remix, and Bollywood Star Priyanka Chopra’s entry into the American Pop music scene! And you can enter to win a trip to join Lady Gaga in India as well! Just follow @tgatp on Twitter to find out how!