Tanteo Tequila Launch

There have been a lot of tequila parties recently (hey, you won’t hear me complaining!),…

Nightlife Preservation Community

TGATP totally supports the mission of the Nightlife Preservation Community organization in restoring New York City to its former glory as “the City that never sleeps.”  Right now the Big Apple could…

Sam Fine “The Basics of Beauty” DVD Launch

Although the venue was too packed and hot (people,  start getting fans for these small spaces!), the Sam Fine “The Basics of Beauty” DVD launch, held at the Plaza and sponsored by…

Jazz For Justice

Hard economic times wreak havoc in all sorts of ways that we don’t always readily…

Shop Allies’ Gluten Free For Yummy Holiday Treats!

For people with celiac disease or those of us trying to limit our gluten intake, the holidays can be fraught. Trying to find sweets and bakery goods without gluten that are also delicious can be extremely difficult. Enter Allie’s GF Goodies Homemade Gluten Free Goodness.

Save Your Skin With Alleyoop Spot Me!

If you’re like me, your skin is staging a literal rebellion right now. I am having all kinds of skin issues, including breakouts, during this pandemic! Alleyoop’s Spot Me is a literal lifesaver.



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