Dior Daze


Harper’s Bazaar teamed up with Dior for a cocktail party at the Madison Avenue store.  Bubbly flowed, sweets were passed, a jazz ensemble jammed, and an artist was on hand to do lovely watercolor portraits of the guests. I inquired about getting one done but was told it was only for Dior clients, which made me want to just burst out laughing in the snobby clipper’s face, as several badly dressed crashers were spied throughout the store, carrying their newly painted pictures and it can be certain that they are NOT Dior clients!


It was great to see my friends Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen, from the best of the Real Housewives versions.  Also in attendance was my neighbor and friend, UK rapper Misfit Dior, who was sporting a cool lil’ pink confection of a hat with a Barbie doll stuck to it!  In addition, I made a new friend named Tres Styles, who is a fabulous stylist and gave me some hot tips.


Unfortunately, another party faux pas occurred at the end of the night, when a security guard decided to stand in the door and taunt the exiting guests with gift bags that he inexplicably claimed were his, which was the very height of tacky!  To make matters worse, when I inquired whether he was staff, he tried to lie and say he wasn’t even though he was in a doorman uniform with a headset!  I have no problem with the staff being gifted but they should definitely not deny the guests and hoard the stuff for themselves!  Staff should be gifted only AFTER the invited guests have all left with bags.  Fortunately, the managers had more sense than the blonde clipper and the doorman and intervened on behalf of the guests.  But the tacky just kept on coming!  To my horror, after the management got one for her, a former acquaintance tried to score a SECOND gift bag and threw a tantrum when I told her we were blessed to get one at all, which reminded me why I don’t hang with her anymore.  I mean really!  While sometimes you may be able to request an extra bag, in this instance it should have been blatantly clear not to!  Sometimes, dear readers, I am completely astounded and just honestly, don’t know what people can be thinking.  I’m just about ready to do an Emily Post-type treatise on proper party behavior for both staff and guests!

That Girl At the Party

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