The Roots Jam @ BB King’s


Had an awesome time at The Roots Jam on Wednesday night!  If you can ever make one of their legendary jams, definitely do it!  An eclectic mix of artists pass through, from Mos Def to John Legend to Lilias White to the cast of Fela!  Backstage was the place to be with tons of beautiful and fun people.  It felt like a family reunion and I caught up with a lot of people, like Mos, that I haven’t seen in a while.

BB King’s is always a blast once you get past the overzealous bouncers on the backstage curtain.  The management really needs to retrain these brothas as once the artists, record labels folks, and the promoters vouch for guests they need to just be left alone!  I have this issue with this joint every time I am there.  The bouncers are always allowed to act as if they are more important than the stars and their guests and it always leads to an altercation with the artists management and the staff, which is crazy stupid and bad business!  Perhaps the managers are scared of these ginormous dudes themselves.  Like the Secret Service, effective venue security should hardly be seen or heard.

That said, it was a wonderful night out!

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