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TGATP Life September 2014

Today we launch, “In My Life,” a new series, sponsored by Intel, which will pull the curtain back on what it is like to live and blog in NYC through photos taken on Intel tablets. This month we used the the new #Acer Iconia Tab 8 for all our photos.

6 Hot Spring Trends To Wear Now

Welcome to our new series Skineez Fashion Focus, sponsored by one of our favorite leggings and shapewear companies Skineez Skincarewear®. This six story series will help you achieve the best up-to-date looks by keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends throughout the year! This month, we will cover five of our favorite Spring trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe now to transition from cooler to warmer climes.

Rhi Rhi and Chris, Sean Penn’s Demon Spawn and Kim K Looks Marvelous!

This month’s edition of Celebrity Dish with A Sunglasses Twist, sponsored by the Sunglasses Shop, finds us revisiting the on-again/off-again shenanigans between the star crossed thugbirds Rhianna and Chris Brown, shocked that Sean Penn would raise a racist child, supporting our pleasingly plumb and preggers favorite gal, Kim K and more.

Boy George Is Too Skinny, Kim and Fergie Are Preggers and Poor Khloe

This month”s installment of Celebrity Dish with A Sunglasses Twist sponsored by the Sunglasses Shop, finds us chatting about two stars who are gaining weight due to pregnancy while one is hopefully telling the world the Truth about his shockingly thin new appearance.
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