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NY Teen Maya Henry Uses Social Media To Support Hillary Clinton

Maya Henry is an amazing teen! Even though she is too young vote, she is already exercising her civic duty by supporting her candidate of choice – Hillary Clinton – through her social media. Let’s hope our next President Clinton will create a cabinet position for her once she is elected! (Sponsored Post – Level 16 – see full disclosure page for level descriptions)

Talking Tatts With Andy Perez Of Allied Tattoos

The past four years gave true meaning to rising above to survive. Dickens described it best, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” But I made it through. So the Phoenix has special meaning to me and I decided to commemorate the passing through to another stage in my Life, with a tattoo from my fav NY artist, Andy Perez of Allied Tattoos in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Here is an interview with Andy with tips for aftercare from yours truly.

Celebrity Psychic Thomas John Predictions For 2014

I have been a friend and fan of Thomas John’s for two years now since he accurately predicted many events in my Life. as well as, helped me through the grief of the sudden loss of my Mom. Take a glimpse at what the future has in store through his predictions for 2014 and if you have a chance to see him this year, I highly recommend that you do!