TGATP is a tech geek and is so happy to live in this “Jetson” era! From the latest hot smartphones to the best tablets and more, we will keep you up-to-date on all the most exciting tech products and services.

The LH Labs Inspire 5 Soundbar Rocks!

The new Inspire 5 Soundbar System has transformed my living room audio experience! With an astounding five different audio modes, it is perfect for every use. Pre-order now and get 30% off MSRP!

CES Unveiled Was A Smashing Success

CES Unveiled New York, the three-day celebration and preview of CES® 2016, was a wonderful time and an exciting small taste of what we can expect in Vegas in January! Read on:

Samsung Announces New Smartphones and Samsung Pay

I was once an avid Samsung supporter. But then LG lured me away with their G3 and G4 series, which have superior features to the Samsung offerings that were launched at the same time . But I am very excited about the new Samsung smartphones, particularly the Note 5. If it’s really as hot as it seems, I may return to the Samsung brand after a 2-year absence. (Level 0)

TGATP Is Living For #LyveHome

With That Girl At The Party approaching its 6th Anniversary this May, I have thousands of pictures and dozens of videos on numerous different devices. In addition, I have tons of SD cards ladened with photos. Thus, I was absolutely thrilled to learn about #LyveHome, a new way to store pictures and videos at #TheMoms event with #Molly Sims, this past Thursday. Lyve Home is an absolute must-have item for any serious professional or amateur photog. Read on to find out why!

Samsung Brings The Galaxy Note II and Kanye West to NYC!

Samsung blue lit up the side of the 34th St Post Office as they launched the Galaxy Note II with a big bang. Just when everyone thought that Samsung couldn’t do any better than the party for the launch of the Galaxy III, they hit NYC with this sparkling fete to celebrate this awesome new phone/tablet!