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Get Shady This Christmas!

Like Anna Wintour, I live in sunglasses and sport them 12-7. So natch, I think they make the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list. Check out these hot shade trends from out favorite celebrities with a little TGATP celebrity dish attached in our new monthly series, sponsored by the Sunglasses Shop UK!

21 Best Black Friday and Weekend Sales!

Black Friday, the day we wait for all year, the Superbowl of shopping,which leaves stores in the black and customers in the red, has arrived! Here are the sales from stores, large and small, culled from across the web that we are excited about this year.

Considering Investing In Property? Read This First.

As a young twenty-something and into my early forties, I was not at all serious about my finances and have suffered the very serious consequences. From not saving enough to not investing to taking jobs that paid too little, I made a ton of bad financial decisions. Thus, I have decided to do a series of articles on TGATP on finance and investing. Because, financially secure is the new Black! First topic: investing in property.

5 Reasons To Love Living In New York City!

New York is more than just a city, as a famous song once said “It’s a state of mind”. The buzzing metropolis that is New York is somewhere that, once visited, is never forgotten. But what is it about New York that keeps people coming back for more? Here are five reasons to love living in New York.