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Who doesn’t want to be an on-trend fashionista wearing the hippest things available at the store? In this Internet age, where everybody is on display, we all want to present ourselves with a show of confidence, to look fabulous and maybe even attract a suitor or two. If you feel good when you walk out your door, the boost to your self-esteem is incomparable. It’s a way to express your creativity and your eye for good colours and design. Your body is your canvas, and great clothes showcase that you are comfortable with your true self.

That said, clothes, especially for women, can get really expensive, real quick. A few thousand for a genuine leather handbag here, a few hundred for a pair of high heels you really love – in an instant you have spent your whole retirement!  For all but the very affluent, this is a pipe dream and a financial disaster all at once.

Do not dismay! Don’t just give up and think you have to wear your sister’s hand-me-downs for the rest of your life! Stop playing online bingo and get out of the house more (although there’s a time and place for everything, and if you do want to play, here you can find the best new bingo sites of 2016). The good news is that there are sites that chockful of great bargains for cool clothes and accessories.

Forever 21
Forever 21 is a TGATP favorite for inexpensive but highly trendy pieces. One reason is the price, where everything ranges from reasonable to extremely cheap. The other is that they have great stock for sizes and colours, and a ton of different styles. There is something for everyone. But act quick and if you see something you like, nab it. Because this brand is pretty much the brick and mortar embodiment of a flash sale site! With three shipments coming in a day, if you see something today, it might be gone forever tomorrow. I just scored the jacket below for $35

10 Dollar Mall
The name is fairly self-explanatory, and that’s a good thing. For both men and women, you can find tons of fashionable items for less than ten buckaroos. 10 Dollar Mall closely follows the latest trends, ensuring you will not feel left out in the cold.

Urban Original
Thanks to a prevalence of sales that go on all the time, this is a popular site that any woman who is budget-minded should check out. The sales are big – 50% or more. For cheap, brand name fashion items, this is the place to be.


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