TGATP’s Take On 10/30/09

Funeral for Dorothy
Picture Courtesy of Monica Szczupider for National Geographic

As I am mad for animals (it’s a Sagittarian trait!), I positively love the story of Dorothy the chimp. When she died of congestive heart failure at the 40, at the refuge where she lived, the other chimps visibly mourned her.  It was just so beautiful.   Her mother was killed by a hunter and Dorothy spent a horrific 25 years chained and abused before being rescued and brought to Cameroon’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center .  Once there, she became a mother figure to many of the other orphaned chimps and cared for them until her death.  The picture just says it all.  Monica Szczupider, who took the picture, stated in an interview  that although the chimps barked and displayed moments of aggression at their loss, the most tangible sign of their grief were the unusual moments if complete silence that they displayed.  The center is currently home to 62 chimpanzees, who were all rescued from terrible situations.  I definitely intend to become a donor and support the wonderful work these folks do!  I am not sure why we, as humans, seem to assume that animals so not have emotions and mourn like we do!  They feel things and form the same bonds we do.  I lost Sophie, a beloved cat this summer.  Although she tormented her all her Life, the highly mischievious Dinah Washington Cat (who is the Marley of Cats) clearly misses Sophie Loren.  She sometimes even likes to lay in the basket Sophie rested and eventually died in.  Animals definitely feel loss and the full range of emotions we do!

Was completely appalled by the horrible statements of  Rush Limbaugh who called Obama “a manchild” on Fox News Sunday, which is basically the racist equivalent of calling  him “a boy”.  Obama is more Man in his lil’ finger than Rush is in his whole corpulent body!  Surely this type of racist hate speech is well past its sell-by date.

While I can’t bear Sarah or her backward family and totally believe Levi’s sorted stories about them, The Early Show interview with Levi Johnston was ill advised on his part.  He came off like a bratty child stating that he was basically airing all of the Palin family’s dirty laundry because he is getting back at them.  It was also idiotic to state that he had secrets regarding Palin’s illegal actions as Governor that he was never going to divulge which came off like a threat.  It is also not credible as I find it hard to believe that Levi would be privy to anything that was going on in Sarah’s office.  But who knows, teenage lips are sometimes loose.  Maybe Bristol overheard something that she blurted out during their pillow talks.

Wanda Sykes slayed me in her appearance on the Oprah show!  When asked about Jon and Kate she said that they should just put them in a balloon and let them float away, like balloon boy!  I was crying with laughter!  I can’t wait for her late night show.

Note to Wendy Williams and others!  People need to just stop!  I LOVE Angelina Jolie.  Period!

Speaking of Wendy, her new show is so much fun!  I love the viewer videos of little children saying “how YOU doing?” Wendy-style!  Just hilarious!

As for Susan Finkelstein, the dumbass Philly fan that wanted to give up some nooky for game tickets, it is really ridiculous that the Philadelphia police wasted manpower to arrest her!  An overzealous fan yes, but a prostitute probably not!  Unless they have a lot more on her than this, prosecuting her seems like a waste of police time!  But then this is the Keystonian Philly police force and DA office, which has a record of nonsensical arrests and prosecutions including that of political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal!

ABC World News Tonight broke an eye-opening story about the prevalence of child labor in the fruit growing industry.  TGATP calls for more stringent penalties for violating both the minimum wage law that forces immigrant families to put their small children to work and enforcement of child labor law.  The only way to end this practice is for any farm that violates these laws to be shut completely down.

Not sure who to vote for Mayor but leaning towards Bill Thompson.  I’ve met and attended soirees with both candidates and they are both upstanding guys.  But I just don’t feel like I can support the whole billionaire buying a third term after the voters mandated a two term limit.  Bloomberg‘s ads state that he will “create affordable housing” and “jobs” but if he can actually do that why hasn’t he done it in the first eight years.

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