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Celebrating Dana Tycher-Reisman and the Launch of DTR Styles

This October, New York City based celebrity fashion stylist Dana Tycher Reisman hosted a private event to celebrate the launch of DTR Styles, a personal shopping and styling service, at the hot new B & Co. restaurant and lounge. We think that Dana just ROCKS and love what she does to style the whole woman!

Prisoners Is A Must See

Despite some crazy irritating holes in the Aaron Guzikowski scripted plot, Prisoners is a one of the best films of the year. A cinematic tour-de-force of great acting, this film will definitely be on everyone’s top 10 lists for 2013, including TGATP’s and is certain to be an Oscar contender in many categories.

Happy Fourth of July!

  Happy Fourth of July to all!  Today TGATP gives praise to the many Americans that fought, and continue to fight, to make America the best place in the world to live.

Colorburst Into Spring With Desigual!

After years of wearing black everything, I am now crazy for color. I can literally feel my mood shift upward and my attitude become more positive when I don bright colors, especially in the dreary winter months. , With swirling bursts of rainbow colors incorporated into the latest style trends, Desigual appeals to both the fashionista and the hippie chick in me. So check out my favorite Spring 2013 pieces from Desigual and go from drab to fab!

Complete Oscar List and TGATP Predictions

It’s Oscar Day! Here is a complete list of nominees with my choices in italics and the ones I think will ACTUALLY win underlined.  It’s a weird year for me as “Lawless” which I felt had the best story, performances, and direction of the year was omitted from everything! So for the first time in my Life, I really don’t care who wins because I don’t feel the best was nominated!
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ABT Spring Gala 2011

TGATP was honored to attend this year’s, American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala celebrating the opening of its 71st Anniversary Season at the Metropolitan Opera.

Instant Eyelift with the Clarisonic Opal

With Mother’s Day just days away, the Clarisonic Opal makes a perfect gift. What Mom wouldn’t love a remedy for all under-eye lines her kids have given her? And at just $185 for the unit and a nine month supply of the anti-sea serum, it is definitely more cost effective than an eyelift!