Instant Eyelift with the Clarisonic Opal


The Clarisonic Opal is an absolute TGATP Beauty must-have!  This completely incredible little machine is delivering such big results to my under eye area that, it is, like a daily eye lift!  I first tried the Opal back in March  at this year’s IBS at the Javits.  The representative first did just one eye, so I could see the difference between the two.  It was so amazing that I visited the Clarisonic booth every day of the show for a top off.  Use of the Opal has now become as vital to my daily routine as brushing my teeth!  I use mine every day and it takes just minutes.

The adorable egg shaped unit is compact and stores up to 90 days worth of anti-aging sea serum. You simply drop a small pea sized portion of serum onto the unit, switch it on, and rub in under your eye for about 30 seconds.  The Opal provides more than 7500 gentle micro-massages to instantly hydrate, smooth and brighten the eyes.  In addition, it is designed intuitively, so it switches off automatically when your application is done.  Once the serum is applied, tap the eye lightly then repeat the process on the other eye and viola! In just one minute, you look lifted and refreshed for up to eight hours!  If you use it every day, you will also start to see long-term benefits in about two weeks with fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles visibly reduced.  The Opal can also be used on the lips, brows, and forehead area.

Developed by Robb Akridge, a co-founder of Clarisonic, the anti-aging sea serum combines marine extracts and botanicals to firm, hydrate, tighten and protect the skin from further damage.  And best of all, in our eco-conscious new beauty world, it is paraben-free.

In a bathroom crowded with beauty products and gadgets, I also love the sleek and practical design of the Opal.  Your initial purchase comes with enough serum for 90 applications.  So, unless you decide to use the Opal more than once a day, you won’t need to replace your serum for almost a year.  (I sometimes do a top up application if I am dressing for a big night out!  But watch out, ’cause it’s easy to become Opal-rexic!) Mine also came with a handy white storage bag.  Since it is more practical than having a separate bottle, the one change I would like to see is a return to the original dispenser cap for the serum.  This is especially true for traveling with the Opal. Alternatively, perhaps both the dispenser cap and the serum bottle options should be offered. 

With Mother’s Day just days away, the Clarisonic Opal makes a perfect gift. What Mom wouldn’t love a remedy for all under-eye lines her kids have given her?  And at just $185 for the unit and a nine month supply of the anti-sea serum, it is definitely more cost effective than an eyelift!  Hell, that’s less than one injection of Botox!

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