Thoughts On The Re-Election Of Obama

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As Obama enters his second term, TGATP sends prayers and blessings to him and his family and hopes that the Congress will actually work together to rebuilt this great nation. For me, his first term was a whirlwind emotional mix of the the best of times – the launch of That Girl At The Party and all the wonderful experiences that happened through it, sobriety after years of undetected highly functioning alcoholism, and a move to a better place and the worst of times – the death of my beloved saint of a Mother Naomi, the loss of my home of 17 years to re-gentrification , and the recent death of my wacky cuddly one of a kind cat, Dinah Washington.

But through all of the traumatic events of the last 21 months, I have had a renewed Faith in this country because of our ability to see through color and actually vote for the best man for the job. And while we have a ways to go in getting this colorblindness to trickle down to encompass a similar inclusion in all areas of business and policy, we can, at least for today, be very proud of ourselves. That Obama is being inaugurated on the same day we are celebrating Martin Luther King‘s birthday is so historically monumental that words escape me! Talk about mounds of progress in one lifetime! This truly is one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. Martin and my Mother would’ve been proud!



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