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At TGATP, we live and breathe beauty products and pledge to keep our readers abreast of every new product worth adding to your beauty arsenal. Since we only recommend the best, if you read about it here, it’s worth having.

Prep For Spring With DeVita Natural Skincare

In my 20’s, I would slather on any skincare brand with no concern about the ingredients. But those days are long gone. Now I want both quality products with natural and organic ingredients. To that end, I will be spotlighting my favorite products from my favorite brands. First up, Devita Natural Skincare.

Have A Blizzard Beauty Day!

While I am not a big fan of winter, I love snowy days – from inside my home. In anticipation of today’s blizzard, I stocked up on great food from my favorite market, Whole Foods and plan to spend the day listening to great music, meditating, reading and best of using these great beauty products.

Botox: Fact and Fiction With Dr. Tabasum Mir

With Spring here, after a very nasty depressing winter, I am like a butterfly ready to come out of the coocoon.

Thus I am doing a series on those tiny things you can do to boost your looks without too much pain and suffering. First up, Botox with the lovely and very competent Dr. Tabasum Mir. Read on for my Q&A with Dr. Mir about Botox and her wonderous skincare line, MirSkin.