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TGATP Supports The #GrabYourWallet Movement

Economic boycotts are often the most effective way to voice our opinions about unacceptable behavior. Thus, I fully support the efforts of Shannon Coulter through her #grabyourwallet to have the Ivanka Trump line removed from department stores. I do not think that other manufacturers and store workers should suffer, so I do not support a full boycott of the stores themselves. But we definitely should not be putting money into the coffers of the supportive spawn of the Orange Menace, named one of the ten biggest threats to the world – better known as Donald Trump.

Donald You’re Fired!

I have been steering away from politics of late but I cannot continue to remain silent watching the craziness that is this latest political campaign season. I got to attend a press conference this week where the Apprentice alumni schooled us on just how dangerous Donald Trump is from an insider’s viewpoint.