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Economic boycotts are often the most effective way to voice our opinions about unacceptable behavior and social media has enabled us to launch such protests instantly and globally. Thus, I fully support the efforts of Shannon Coulter to have the Ivanka Trump line removed from department stores. I do not think that other manufacturers and store workers should suffer, so I do not support a full boycott of the stores themselves. But we definitely should not be putting money into the coffers of the supportive spawn of the Orange Menace, named one of the ten biggest threats to the world – better known as Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Ivanka sat down with George Stephenoupous and said this, “I prefer to talk to the millions, tens of millions of American women, who are inspired by the brand and the message that I’ve created. My advocacy of women, trying to empower them in all aspects of their life, started long before this presidential campaign did. I’ve never politicized that message. People who are seeking to politicize it because they disagree with the politics of my father—there’s nothing I can do to change that.”

This entire statement is as idiotic, as it is, disingenuous. First of all, there are hardly tens of millions of American women, who are “inspired” by Ivanka’s message. Because for the most part, no one has ever heard it. What work has Ivanka actively done for women in America or anywhere else? And her clothes are produced in foreign sweatshops by low paid women with very few rights. So how are her messages or her accompanying actions in, any way, inspiring?


In addition, she has actively endorsed her father, who is being deposed for an alleged rape in December and has had 12 women so far, come out to say he sexually assaulted them. Ivanka’s father has also made innumerable misgoynist statements against women from making jokes about a woman being on her period, fat shaming, allegedly bursting into their pageant dressing rooms to ogle them, bragging about grabbing their pussies, cheating on multiple wives including her mother to calling her – his own daughter – “a piece of ass”!  Yet, Ivanka  is enthusiastically campaigning for her father.  She cannot have it both ways. As long as she continues to campaign for and make excuses for him, there is no way to disassociate her businesses from her father and his awful behavior.

I am glad someone formalized my feelings about spending my money on anything with Ivanka or any Trump’s name on it. I was recently at Lord and Taylor and spied an adorable sweater. But Bloomingdales’s recoiled once I saw the Ivanka Trump label on it. I just couldn’t not even in the name of fashion!

Here’s a list of some of stores that sell the Ivanka Trump line and in some cases products from Donald Trump, too.





Lord & Taylor



Neiman Marcus


Saks Off Fifth

T.J. Maxx


Follow @shannoncoulter on Twitter for a complete list or retailers and contact info to demand the removal of Ivanka’s line from their stores.

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