TGATP’s Take On for 11/2/11: Kim Kardashian’s Sham Marriage and Other Annoying Folks

Kim' Kardashian's Moneymaker


Boy, are the shameless all over the news today?!  First up, the Kardashian/Humphries honeymoon is over.  Is anyone really surprised?  I was horrified when Kim and Kris’ scam marriage was dubbed as our “royal wedding.”  It was an embarrassing slap at American culture that all  of my Euro friends were openly sniggering at.  While I knew it wouldn’t last, even I was stunned that it only took 72 days!  I’ve had hangovers that have lasted longer!  And poor Kris doesn’t seem to know what hit him.  He is issuing statements completely different than Kim’s.  Their marriage was little more than a $10 million, 72-day one night stand.  I love Kim, and every time I have shot her, she has been gracious and kind.  She’s a real beauty, abet not a natural one, but a beauty nonetheless.  And she makes sure that EVERY photographer gets their shot which is a rare and welcome thing.  However, this mockery of the sacred union of marriage is a definite black eye on her brand.

I find it interesting that he world seems to have forgotten how the Kardashians came to our attention.  It was through Robert Kardashian‘s nefarious dealings with OJ Simpson that we first heard the Kardashian name.  In fact, it is still a mystery as to whether Robert helped OJ bury evidence since we will never know what was in the suitcase that Kardashian carted out for him.  His wife Kris then rode her hubby’s brief notoriety to  unimaginable heights of fame.  She bagged Bruce Jenner, a noted Olympian as her second husband and utilized Kim’s sex tape to pimp the whole family to the American public via reality TV.  I mention this to say, that we should not be shocked by any shady shenanigans from the Kardashian family.  Shameless self promoters, they have always been solely famous for being infamous and are inexplicably lauded for strange reasons.  For example, I was frankly a bit appalled when at a recent event Kim was touted as “The Business Person of the Year”!  Really?  Kim is mostly famous for having a bodacious booty and the sex tape.  What message was the award supposed to be sending to the women in the room, like myself, who actually work to create our businesses with our blood, sweat, and tears vs. our booties?  Surely a posthumous award to Steve Jobs would have been more appropriate!

This was not Kim’s first brief marriage so there are sure to be others.  But hey, Kim was hanging with the late great Elizabeth Taylor right before Taylor passed.  So Perhaps Kim plans to take a page from Elizabeth’s matrimonial book and be a serial bride.  It will certainly be entertaining to see who the next Kardashian flash-in-the-pan hubby will be!  As for the growing anger from fans and haters of the Kardashians regarding the $10 million that they wasted on this sham, from a PR standpoint, she should fully reimburse all of the companies that donated a total of $10 million in goods and services.  It is just the right thing to do.  And in the future Kim (and Kris since you are the one that obviously engineered this!), give the “careful consideration” BEFORE you walk down the aisle and spend your own money.

The other fools on parade this week were those dreadful Madoffs who just don’t seem to get it!  Message to Ruth and Andrew:  We all KNOW that YOU KNEW and no one cares about your supposed pain.   You benefited from robbing your CLOSEST FRIENDS and ASSOCIATES!  You even robbed your own family members.  Why would you think anyone would feel sorry for you now?  And how dare you PROFIT further from your thievery through these “poor, poor, pitiful me” appearances and books!  Andrew, you actually stated that you and your brother “profitted nicely from your end of the business.”  However, you “didn’t know” the business was a Ponzi scheme.  But I don’t see how that is even possible.  Ponzi schemes are very easy to spot especially from the inside.  And Stephanie Madoff, I also don’t buy your claims.  Yes, Mark’s death was a sign of his pain.  But that doesn’t preclude the fact that he had to have known what was going on.  It more suggests that he unlike Bernie, Ruth, and Andrew, couldn’t live with the guilt of what they all did.   If your truly feel so horrible about what happened and hate Bernie and Ruth so much, then why not be a force for good and donate a hefty chunk of your profits to the real victims of Bernie’s crimes.  All the horrible Madoffs need to stop the flippin’ madness and just go away, far away!

No surprise that Herman Cain is skeevy.   He reminds me of  Clarence Thomas in that way.  Enuff said.

And finally, Ann Coulter was at it again claiming that “our Blacks are better than their Blacks” when speaking of African-American Republicans, like Cain.  All  I can say is Ann, Ann, Ann, you poor silly girl!  You need to be shook silly to wake you up to the fact that you are not living on a plantation anymore!  I know you have these Mandingo fantasies of yourself sandwiched between Cain and Thomas with Keyes also stepping in. And they do so much to fan your flames with their self hatred that you probably can’t help yourself.  But you do not own African-Americans physically anymore, even if a few dumbass Black men have convinced you that you have them in pocket mentally.  So watch the KKK-esque slips, your racism is showing and it is as ugly as your bleached over fried hair!


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