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Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is vital to surviving our crazy, always switched on and tuned in world. We are so connected that we are completely disconnecting. We eat, sleep, work and play in trances of automated hurriedness. Here are some tips to help you reconnect.

Christina Ablahad Tells It Like It Is!

I loved this post from Christina Ablahad, the Creative Director of hot lifestyle site, StyleOm, so I asked her could I run it. She represents everything I believe in – style mixed with consciousness! In this piece, Christina espounds on what she has learned in her first three decades on planet Earth.

Botox: Fact and Fiction With Dr. Tabasum Mir

With Spring here, after a very nasty depressing winter, I am like a butterfly ready to come out of the coocoon.

Thus I am doing a series on those tiny things you can do to boost your looks without too much pain and suffering. First up, Botox with the lovely and very competent Dr. Tabasum Mir. Read on for my Q&A with Dr. Mir about Botox and her wonderous skincare line, MirSkin.

10 Great Products To Improve Your Wellbeing

The start of each New Year is one of my favorite times of the year. Sober for almost five years now, rather than whoop it up at midnight on December 31st, I spend the holiday rebalancing my health and Spirit. Here are some products and a recipe to help you start the year on a positive and wellness oriented footing. (Level Two Post)

PrivateRx® Personal Lubricant Helps Women During #Menopause

Peri-Menopausal, Menopausal, and Post Menopausal – are three stages that NO ONE seems to ever want to talk about. The changes that affect a woman in these stages of Life are not pretty and include everything from mood swings to acne breakouts to thinning hair to hot flashes to hair, body and vajayjay dryness! It is definitely not for the weak at heart. Because no one else seems to want to discuss it, TGATP will be featuring some products that assist women through this crazy stage of Life. First up, PrivateRx® Personal Lubricant.