Botox: Fact and Fiction With Dr. Tabasum Mir


With Spring here, after a very nasty depressing winter, I am like a butterfly ready to come out of the cocoon.

Thus I am doing a series on those tiny things you can do to boost your looks without too much pain and suffering.   First up, Botox.

I have had Botox a number of times with varying effects. The first doctor was amazing, the last one not so much.  So I was very fortunate to chat with, and be treated by, the lovely and very talented Dr. Tabasum Mir.  The third time was definitely the charm as she gave me the best boost I have ever had! Everyone keeps saying how great I look.

Read on for my Q&A with Dr. Mir about Botox and her wonderous skincare line, MirSkin.

TGATP:  Are there any measures people can take to make their Botox last longer or take more effectively?

Dr Mir:  Botox lasts about 4 months, so maintanence is about 3 times a year. There isn’t a trick to making it last longer. But you can make your skin look better by using sunblock to prevent the wrinkles from getting deeper.

TGATP:  What are some common myths about Botox? 

Dr. Mir:  Everyone assumes that Botox will instantly make you look frozen. I use this analogy- if you are brunette and want to have lighter hair, would you go and bleach your head blonde?  Probably not, you may get anything from a few highlights to platinum color. In the same way, Botox can be from very subtle all the way to very obvious. Talk to your doctor about the results you want. I alway tend to go for a more natural look.

​​TGATP:  Your motto or advice for people about Botox.

​Dr. Mir: ​ It’s a myth that you have to be older age for Botox- this is not true- Botox is preventative!  If you are starting to see wrinkles, like those 11’s between the brow, its a good time to start . Otherwise those wrinkles will get deeper and deeper.

Also, don’t assume that because you have seen Hollywood celebrities look frozen that this is what it looks like on everyone.  If you sat in my waiting room, you would see men and women, school teachers , hedge fund managers, students, even police officers, who get it done- that’s the typical people, who come in for Botox.

​​TGATP:  One of the key products in the line are your glycolic pads, can you discuss the benefits of this treatment?

Dr. Mir:  Glycolic and Salicylic acid are incredible for everything and these pads work on every skin type. Glycolic will refine the skin surface so things like sun damage fine wrinkles, scars, acne mark are improved. Salicylic also works inside pores to clean them out. So breakouts, clogged pores, congested pored, and ingrown hairs  are also dramatically improved.

TGATP:  What do you offer your clientele both in your practice and with your skincare that is uniquely yours?

Dr. Mir:  I decided to develop my own skin care line based on a lack of what I found available in the market. There are so many creams that say they contain everything from glycolic to peptides. Yet when you look at the ingredients, the active ingredient that they claim to have, is in extremely low concentrations in that cream!

All of the MirSkin ingredients are in concentrations in high enough levels to actually effect a change on the skin. It’s my belief that if I am going to spend money and time putting creams on my face, I’d like to know that there is actually something in the cream that works. I like that you can use the MirSkin products for the skin repair and renewal and see results quickly. I love that everyone that has ever tried MirSkin has one or two products that are their Holy Grails products that they simply can’t live without. I have people, who have been ordering the same products from MirSkin, for years.

In my practice the thing that is uniquely mine is that I recognize every face is unique. when you come in I really study your facial anatomy and skin structure. I study and observe how you look, how your face moves, and what are the glaring issues I see. Then I decide what type of methods and treatments are best to fix it.

There is so much bad information online, and discussing with friends often perpetuates so many myths. SO because of this so many people come in with really bad facts or myths and are scared that all treatments lead to unnatural effects. The fact is, if you follow your natural anatomy then looking natural is the only option. Some people do like their procedures to look obvious, but thats not how I work.

Dr. Tabasum Mir

Dr. Tabasum Mir is a new kind of skin care physician in cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic laser surgery. One of the leading authorities on non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic and dermatological treatments and procedures, Dr. Mir emphasizes the importance of educating her patients about their skin, as well as treating them. She spends as much time teaching her clients about their individual skin concerns as she does treating them. It’s this personal touch that separates her from the: medicate first, ask questions later, mentality of too many of her peers.

Dr Mir has chosen to use clinically tested cosmetic sciences in creating MirSkin, a line of products that focus on keeping skin looking healthy and glowing at any age. A pioneer in practicing and teaching the skin lifestyle philosophy, Dr. Mir understands the mental and physical trauma that dermatological difficulties can cause people who feel as though they’ve tried all remedies.

Dr. Mir has been featured in countless publications including W, Lucky, Esquire, First, Maxim, More, and Shape magazine, the Daily News, New York Times, Dermatology times, Plastic SurgeryTimes.

She has also appeared as a skin care correspondent on TV news programs such as NBC’s Live at Five, CBS Early Show, Fox 5 NY Morning News, WB 11 Good Day New York, Telemundo, and UPN 9.

In addiition, Dr Mir has been on numerous radio talk shows as a professional expert in her field, discussing topics of interest to the public.

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