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The start of each New Year always puts me in a renewal mood.  Sober for almost five years now, rather than whoop it up at midnight on December 31st, I spend the holiday rebalancing my health and Spirit.  #2015 is going to be a no-nonsense one for me spiritually.  No more dealing with haters, cyberbullies, negative people, racists, or any other lower chakra oriented folks!  If you are on the same page, here are some great products and books that will help you start the year on a positive and wellness oriented footing. 



1. Gratitude Journal from Chronicle Books – Every great Spiritual leader and thinker, including Oprah, stresses the importance of regularly expressing gratitude.  I spotted this wonderful little orange book when I was Christmas shopping this year.  More than just a regular journal, it helps you reflect on all the things you are grateful for.  There are a year’s worth of prompts and inspiring quotes to help you keep a record of Life’s daily blessings.



2.  Spoonk – It is vital to incorporate massage into your daily routine.  The Spoonk is certified organic with more than 6,000 acupressure points. Do 20 to 40 minutes in the morning to energize and in the evening to relax.  Interestingly, even my cat, Bodhi loves to lay on it.


3.  Incense of Auroville by Maroma – Sold at Whole Foods, this is the very best of the affordable incense lines.  I am never without the Orange Blossom.  Burn this whenever you want to lose yourself and relax for a spell.




4. Guided Meditations On Spotify – Spotify is my very favorite app. One day out of curiousity I typed “guided meditations” into the search and was delighted to find that there are hundreds of great meditations available.  Customize a playlist tailored to the areas you want to work on in 2015.  There are also some great meditations on YouTube.



5.  JBL Synchros Headphones – The Binaural beats that accompany guided meditations are best listened to through really great headphones.  This wireless pair from JBL are my current favorites.



6.  Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Bath Salts – I can’t think of anything more relaxing than a good aromatherapy bath and these bath salts will melt away all signs of stress.





7. Turmeric Tea – I just discovered this wonderful health elixir that is yummy both hot and cold.  According to Dr. Oz, turmeric is a wonder herb that can lower cholesterol and blood sugar, prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s, combat colds and flus and promote general wellness.  It should however, not be used without a doctor’s supervision by pregnant women or people with bile duct issues.  Also, make sure to not overdo it, or it will lead to stomach upset.  I just started drinking two to three cups a day and can really feel the difference.  Here is a simple recipe I found on You Tube from Andrew Weill:  http://youtu.be/uwYJc9q7eiw




8. The Unthethered Soul – This book will change your Life!  I have read it numerous times and take something different away each time.



9. 365 Days of Miracles – A year of non-denominational meditations and prayers from Marianne Williamson based on “A Course In Miracles.”



10.  Daily Om – The Daily Om is a great website for spiritual seekers.  The daily horoscope gives you, not only a forecast, but also something to do about it.  In addition, you get a daily inspirational letter and there are tons of great courses to take with a sliding scale of pricing.



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