Mind Body And Spirit Detox For The Holiday Season


While many health conscious people detox in the spring, it is ideal to cleanse each season in a unique way. In fact, detoxification should be an ongoing practice that encompasses the mind, body and Spirit. Detoxing the body and leaving your mind a flustered mess or conversely, detoxing the body and having a restless Spirit, will not work to maximum effect.

With all those holiday parties coupled with family gatherings right around the corner, detoxing now will help you get through the extra stress you and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Here are our favorite detoxification methods and tools:


For the Mind:

Use the Fall/Winter season to get into a routine of at least to minutes of meditation each morning. Set your alarm just a few minutes earlier to make sure you have time before you bolt into your busy day.

There is a wondrous new tech product called a Thync, that will help you mentally relax. Just download the app, snap it on to your forehead and reap the amazing benefits. Check it out at:



For The Body:

Fall/Winter body detoxes should be all about your lungs and to strengthen your immune system during the colder months. There is still nothing like the Master Cleanse to kickstart your physical detox. It’s an age old remedy that is a cinch to make. Here are the ingredients:

Main Ingredients for the Master Cleanse Recipe:

Pure Filtered Water
Grade B Organic Maple Syrup, Formaldehyde free
Organic Cayenne Pepper
Organic Lemons
Sea salt – Unrefined, (Not iodized) or Epsom Salt

Optional Ingredients:

Laxative tea
Natural Herbal Tea (decaffeinated)

Follow the Master Cleanse, with an ongoing winter diet that limits sugars, flours, dairy and alcohol for a healthy, mucus-free stomach. (We know it’s the holiday season, but limit your daily intake and only have these ingredients on actual special occasions.)

According to Organic Authority.com, “Fall foods to use in your cleansing juices are grapes, apples, beets, leafy greens, and a hint of lemon (but don’t overdo the citrus).” Just pop them all in the blender and you are good to go.

Open the nasal passages by drinking fenugreek and mint teas. Speaking of nasal passages, it is also a great time to invest in a good Neti pot and regularly cleanse your nasal passages with warm salt water.

Cinnamon, cloves, and other warming spices are great for intestinal and respiratory health.

Regular hot baths with Epsom and other natural salts with help detox your body by opening your pores and releasing toxins. Just make sure to have a cool shower after to close them again.

Use the extra hours of darkness to get more sleep. Shoot for 8 hours a night for a nightly purification.

And finally, with flu season in high gear in the winter months, it is imperative that your make, like Lady Macbeth, and wash your hands obsessively.




For the Spirit:

Books and classes are a speedy way to a more enlightened Spirit. This Fall/Winter read these wonderful tomes and you will feel like a different more positive Self by spring.

a) Daily Om is a wonderful site full of great classes to uplift and empower. The one that will best help you detox for the upcoming holiday season is Judith Orloff’s “Combating Emotional Vampires.” As Orloff explains,“Relationships are an energy exchange.” If we do not combat and rid ourselves of the co-workers, friends, and family members that sap that vital energy, we can literally make ourselves sick. In addition, it is impossible to achieve any success in Life, if you are constantly drained of positive energy. Fortify yourself, this winter, with Orloff’s class and book. Check it out at: Combating Emotional Vampires.

b) Another great mind detoxifying read is Michael Singer’s “The Untethered Soul.” Designed to help you quiet that constant voice in your head, Singer’s book is a revelation.

c) And finally, there is Susie Pearl’s must-have manual, “Instructions For Happiness And Success”. Designed for “creating the Life you choose,” it is chock full of exercises to help you, identify your true destiny, create a road map and achieve it. This book is a primer for being a happy, functioning human being. This winter, buy a copy for yourself and all of your friends and family.

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