4 Body Language Insights From Vanessa Van Edwards For #Dove



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Dove held a fete to celebrate the launch of Oxygen Moisture their new incredible hair care line that revives even the driest of tresses. The range leaves hair moisturized with 95% more body and fullness so that women can be their most confident selves without reverting to hair tricks. I had no idea that there are certain unconsious gestures that we, as women, all do. These   all have hidden meanings that it is vital that we know about.


Thus, it was wondeful to have behaviour scientist Vanessa Van Edwards give us a couple of tips. Vanessa is the full package – smart AND beautiful.  Here is what she taught us.

1. Most of us, don’t realize that over 60% of our communication is nonverbal. so the more self-assured our gestures and body language are, the more confident we appear and feel.

2. As humans, we recognize highly confident individuals by their relaxed, unruffled presence. “Hair tricks” such as flipping teasing and fluffing derail a collected demeanor and make women appear frazzled, rattled and out of control.

3. A strong presence helps others take our ideas more seriously. Without realizing it, women need to know that mindless hair tricks come across as weakness or low-power body language.

4. Be careful of where you flip your hair Women who rely on hair tricks not only come across as unprofessional, but also can send the wrong signal and suggest flirtation.

Wow, fortunately, I have never been a “hair flipper”! But I would love to do a session with Vanessa to show me what other hidden vibes I am giving off due to unconscious body language.



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