Nuori Offers Fresh Organic Skincare

Nuori Enriched Hand Wash + Lotion

When I was twelve Pam, my best friend from violin class, was a bit of a tomboy. But her Mom kitted their bathroom out, like a spa which ignited my beauty addiction! There was an actual beauty salon style dome hair dryer compete with timer, multiple hand held hair dryers, curling wands of every size and a seemingly endless selection of potions, lotions, serums, fragrances, bath salts, and hair products that she let us get into whenever I spent the night there. My own Mom was less product crazy but she was also a girly girl and we made every Sunday a beauty day.

Now after a lifetime of being what someone once described as a “lipstick, powder and paint kind of gal”, I want more from my products. I want them, not only to deliver pro-aging results and stunning colors, I also prefer them to be made of healthy and non-toxic ingredients. To that end, I have decided to give more coverage to the brands that make our health their priority.

First up, is a wondrous new line from Copenhagen called Nuori.

Nuori was built around the concept of freshness making it unique in two ways. First, because each product is made in small batches and has a “start using” by date, consumers are ensured that the active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown (although that is rarely an issue with oils) and also it allows the company to keep their products 100% free from preservatives and other synthetic additives normally used to prolong the shelf life of beauty products. I am currently living for their Perfecting Facial Oil. Below check out all of their products, which are available here in NYC at ABC Carpet and Home (881 Broadway) and Shen Beauty (315 Court Street, Brooklyn Heights)

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