Naturopathica Opens New Spa In Chelsea


“I have been a Naturopathica fan since the 90’s when I lived in the UK. The line is organic elegance with products that have everything you need to achieve maximum health for your mind, body and spirit.”

The spa is a completely holistic and integral health experience with a juice bar loaded with the tastiest elixirs that I have ever had. I’m definitely going to be a regular. The Mood Lift made of Apple, Pear, and other magical ingredients mixed with the Naturopathica Stress Relieving Tincture instantly mellowed me out.

I am so mad for aromatherapy that studying it is on my Life list. (I hate the concept of a “bucket list”. Why mention “death” just do things you want in Life?)  Thus, the gorgeous set of four magical transcending aromas from Naturopathica are top of my list of new favorites. We were gifted with the Chill at the event and I have been inhaling it ever since.



The treatment rooms are darkly lit and intimate. Barbara Close, the Founder and CEO of Naturopathica says “no” to any New-Agey music opting instead to soundtrack her spa with relaxing World music. In the very back of this luxe space, there is a darkened meditation room with a large projection on the wall – currently a mountain range –  to elicit further relaxation.

Future additions to this darling new spa include a DIY aromatherapy bar, where customers will be able to create their own fragrances and talks by guest speakers in the organic and spiritual realms.

A favorite new TGATP spot for transcendental relaxation, I plan to make this a regular destination.

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