Pop Bag Is The Must-Have Accessory For Fall/Winter 2019

Regular TGATP readers know that I am handbag obsessed. So when I was invited to check out the POP BAG store I was thrilled to go. Every gal needs at least one of these awesome innovations as an accessory staple. The concept is so simple, yet unique, that I am surprised no one thought of it till now.

You pick a front, back, inside pocket and strap and then assemble the bag by snapping it together! That’s it! There are about two dozen of each leather and fabric design and a dozen straps. The bags are available in small, medium or large and you can make your own or buy a pre-assembled bag.

The Pop Bag concept was born in one of my favorite places I got to live – Tuscany Italy – in 2015. Produced in Florence, each Pop Bag is imbued with both the beauty of the region and the DNA of the local craftsmen whose unique and unparalleled workmanship ensures that each component of every Pop Bag reaches the highest standards.

But Pop Bag does more than simply provide high-quality handbags—they give you the ultimate design power. With four customizable components—a front, back, strap, and interior pouch—a choice of pebbled or saffiano leather, and a multitude of modern finishes for you to choose from, the possibilities for expression are endless. Pop Bag provides the materials, but the panels and pieces you select and the ways you customize your Pop Bag make each bag a reflection of your own unique style and personality.

I got to stop by the store at The Shops in Columbus Circle and assemble a lovely chocolate bag with a tan strap with Yeska Alvarezwho is awesome. She patiently worked with me as I tried a ton of designs and settled on the chocolate with tan straps pictured above.

You can start with one bag and keep buying panels and straps to turn it into multiple bags. And you can unsnap it and easily pack if you are traveling. This is the perfect accessory for every season and also a wonderful gift for every woman on your holiday gift list. A Pop Bag party would also make a great bridesmaid or birthday event. I can’t wait to create more Pop Bags!! I am fiending for this croc in burgundy (pictured below) next!

The brand also partners with designers. With its 80’s pop-art design, the Jonny Detiger x PopBag is a fun homage to that era. And I am also mad for the Frida line.

Drop by the store in NYC at Columbus Circle or order online here. This is a PERFECT holiday gift!


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