Basic Style Guide for One Shoulder Dresses

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A one-shoulder dress is a chic option for those who want to flaunt their flawless skin during glamorous events. With the right cut and design as well as the right accessories, a one-shoulder dress may be all you need to get that much-desired attention from your special someone.

Here are 6 fashion tips that you should consider to pull off a one-shoulder ensemble:

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Choose a dress based on the occasion you are attending.

One-shoulder dresses are perfect for both day events and evening affairs but there are some nuances that you might want to consider. For daytime engagements and even for a casual day out with friends, choose dresses in bright colors. You can opt for short dresses or maxis. Colorful strappy footwear and flat sandals create a well put together day look.

For evening parties and formal celebrations, a full-length one-shoulder gown is highly recommended. If you want something that stands out, check out the 2020 unique red prom dresses from online retail stores. You can even opt for a glitzy short dress for less formal glam events. Stunning high heels and fine pieces of jewelry will complete a dazzling evening look.

 Don’t cover it up.

The main point of wearing a one-shoulder dress is to show off the shoulders. So, it makes no sense if you wear the most stunning one-shoulder piece but you’re just going to cover it up. No matter how gorgeous that jacket or blazer is, the dress should be the star of the show. Unless, of course, it’s wintertime and it’s freezing outside, which is also why the dress style is most apt for warmer weather and during the summer or spring seasons.

Accentuate the waist with a belt.

Belts are the weapons of stylists when they want to put emphasis on the waist. A belted one-shoulder dress flatters the body and creates an hour-glass shape. Belts or cinched waists are particularly indicated for these styles because of these favorable benefits.

Wear the appropriate undergarments.

There is no other underwear option for a one-shoulder dress—it’s the strapless bra! Strapless bras, convertible or multi-way bras (one-shoulder or strapless options), and bandeau bras are your options but the classic style strapless bra comes highly recommended since they provide the best shape and support for your bosoms compared to the other two options. No matter how fancy or expensive your bras are, exposed straps are always perceived as tasteless and are considered big fashion no-nos.

 Wear the right jewelry.

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Because the dress itself is designed as a fashion statement, the need for accessories may be subtle to none. First and foremost, this means skipping the necklace. Wearing a neckpiece will compete with the already gorgeous neckline of the one-shoulder dress and may even destroy the look. If you are uncomfortable without a neckpiece, choose a choker to minimize interfering with the dress.

Dresses that are heavily embellished require only a few modest accessories while a simple dress can benefit from a pair of ostentatious earrings. Rings and bracelets should be modest as well; one elegant piece of each will suffice.

Choose a flattering hairstyle that shows off the shoulders.

Whether you intend to wear an updo or want to keep your hair down, the important thing to remember is that you do not cover the neckline-shoulder area. Updos are perfect hairstyles for a one-shoulder dress. A precise and tight chignon creates a sophisticated look while a soft bun has a sweeter appeal. For those who want their manes loose, just make sure that they do not cover the exposed shoulder. Keep them at the back or in front of the shoulder with the strap.



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