Most Popular Dress Trends For Fall 2019

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Unless you are a fashionista, planning your wardrobe for events can be worrying. Often, trends change and if you are someone who likes to have your finger on the pulse, it’s best to plan in advance and get the low-down on what trends are set to be big.  This article will reveal some insights straight off the catwalk, so you know exactly what is a la mode for fall 2019. You will be able to plan your wardrobe and shop for every fall event, including your college homecoming, with full confidence that your style will be on point.

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Now getting back to business. It is clear to see by gathering information and insights from the runways and catwalks, that the 90’s, 80’s and 70’s eras are set to be back with a bang. Whether you liked these fashion periods or not, it’s clear to see that the previous decades’ trends are going to be big if you want to keep on trend for this fall 2019. From power shoulders to miniature bags, it’s time to get with the programme. 

Purple Is In 

Purple will be all the range with Millennials this fall. Last fall it was all about pink and this time round, purple is getting some serious airtime. So whatever dress you choose to go for, consider throwing some powerful purples into the mix to keep on trend. 

Image Source: Pexels

Capes Are Back 

Feel like being a superhero this fall? You may just be able to get away with it. Capes are back with a bang and outwear silhouettes will be big this fall. 

Add Some Feathers 

If your dress happens to feature some feathers, keep it and buy it. Because feathers are going to be big this fall with lines such as Prada and Valentino decorating the trims of their dresses with lightly sprinkled feathers, giving an elegant touch. 

Is It Satin? 

If your dress is satin, it will defiantly go down a treat in fall 2019.  We are sure you are noticed already but if you haven’t been living under a rock this summer, satin skirts and dresses are definitely making a strong come back. If you want to be in the know this fall, then top up on your satin dresses. 

Asymmetric Necklines 

These will be really popular this fall as you will see more off-the-shoulder shapes coming through on the magazines and in the high streets. So, get ready for that lazy but stylish vibe as the asymmetric necklines make headlines this September. I love this adorable, sexy look!

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As you can see, there are plenty of style trends to be looking out for this fall!


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