Fashionable eyewear – Modern or Retro?

Staying stylish is like being on a rollercoaster. Your style can be either on point or completely off each and every season. At 17, I was going on holiday with my friends. I wanted to look my best, so I decided to upgrade my wardrobe. Off to the shopping centers and city centers I went, cash in hand, looking for shirts and t-shirts to suit my style, which at the time was plain block colors. Fashion, however, had other ideas. Prints were the order of the day. Not just any prints. Large prints. Palm trees and cars and surfboards and dolphins were plastered across the front of every single t-shirt and shirt I could find. Apparently, there was a meeting and it was decided that plain clothing was most definitely out that season. So, I dressed accordingly. And I looked silly. Ever since that day, I have developed a retro look that I can dip into whenever modern fashion lets me down. Never is this a more handy approach to adopt than when it comes to eyeglasses. You have to get your eyewear right. Because they’re right there on your face every day! So let’s take a look at modern and retro eyewear.

Retro Is Always In Style

Preparing for odd fashion directions early can help you shift to a retro look when you need it most. In the market for a new pair of glasses? Consider picking up a retro pair of browline glasses. What are browlines, you ask? They’re exactly what they sound like. The brown part of the rim is thick, with little or no rim around the bottom of the lenses. This style became popular in 50’s America as a mature and intelligent look that commands respect – the ideal eyeglasses for both the office or for looking and feeling your best in social settings.

For A Modern Look Go With The Fashionable Flow

This year’s biggest fashion trend in eyeglasses is that there isn’t one, shape or material-wise. Glasses are coming in all shapes and sizes this season. If you want the fashion world to tell you to wear bright purple star-shaped glasses made of recycled milk cartons, you’re out of luck. This year’s craze is something of a free-for-all. However, I have noticed one major trend. You can pick any style, and size, and any color – as long as the color is clear. You know, almost see-through? So, no matter what size or shape you make sure thee glasses have only a transparent hint of color to stay on-trend.

That Girl At the Party

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