DJ Cassidy Birthday Party

The Dashing DJ Cassidy
The Dashing DJ Cassidy

Summer months often find me taking off for the beach for a spontaneous day of hooky.  Yesterday was one of those days, so I heard about DJ Cassidy’s Birthday Party at the NY Public Library way late.  After a brief back and forth wih his management in which, they unprofessionally didn’t get back to me when they said they would; I decided to give it a miss.  Well boy, am I happy that this girl at the party made that sage decision, as by all reports, it was the hot mess door of the year!  And while it is not TGATP policy to report on stuff we do not attend, this story is just too crazy to keep under wraps!

DJ Cassidy is often mentioned in all of our columns as one of our favorite DJs and is a really nice guy. (He dashingly always blows me kisses from his DJ booth when he sees me.)  Thus I was very surprised to hear that he seemingly hired some truly trifling folks to man the door at his fete!  Our spies report that the gatekeepers refused to check the list even for people holding invites!  And at one point, some loser bimbo-at-the-gate announced that if you didn’t know HER you were not getting in.  I mean, how ludicrous was that?!  Shouldn’t the point have been to know CASSIDY???  There were purportedly a bunch of real friends of his, including some MTV folks, that couldn’t get past these nuts.  So I laughed my arse off to hear that the most notorious partycrashers on the scene went through the back and claimed they were with the PR company.  While I usually frown on the antics of this lot, good on them that they got past the most idiotic door people I have ever heard of!  I am SOOO glad I skipped this door nightmare!

That Girl At the Party

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