Who Is To Blame For Clinton’s Suprise Upset


The last four days in America have been full of tremendous mourning for the greatness and promise of our country. The very fiber and foundation of our country is now threatened by the election of the most unfit, inexperienced and, worse of all, undisciplined President in history. New Yorkers have not been so quiet and somber since 911. People wandered the streets teary-eyed in that same way people are in the days after a funeral. Everyone is trying to figure out how, the most temperamentally unfit and dangerously ignorant man in the history of American politics with a porn model wife, won our election. Here is where I lay the blame:

James Comey

I don’t care how many people claim that Comey is a good man, he rigged the election in favor of the GOP. With just eleven days till the election, there was zero reason to plant false insinuations about Clinton into the heads of undecided voters. His irresponsible idiocy allowed the GOP candidate to hit the campaign trail and completely make things up, which was the final stake in the heart of Clinton’s campaign. And this was no accident. Guiliani gleefully made it clear that he knew in advance that Comey was going to do this.

Everything that happens to America now is his fault. I don’t know how he sleeps at night knowing that in the annals of history he will be remembered as the conspirator, who installed a mentally unfit man as the leader of the free world. That karma is going to be a real bitch when it comes!

Reality TV

My father always called us out for watching too much of what he called “the idiot box.” We would roll our eyes and get annoyed. But now, years later, I realize his description is very apt. Reality TV has turned millions of Americans into zombies, their brains are literally sieves. They live in a weird augmented state, where years of viewing reality TV have led them to think that that the illusion on their TV screen is real. I remember first thinking this when someone idiotically compared Kim Kardashian to Elizabeth Taylor! The man (and I use that term only descriptively) that bamboozled his way into the off-White House is a larger than life illusion, a figment of America’s bad TV imagination. Despite the fact that in reality he is a loser with multiple bankruptcies, his TV show created the false image of a billionaire, the ultimate example of the American Dream.

In addiiton, TV and films have loss all sense of good taste. While we laughed at things like “The Hangover” and “Bridesmaids” these sort of movies with over the top scatological humor has desensitized people and paved the way for a US citizenry and a candidate with no sense of boundaries or manners whatsoever. He is not, as some of his supporters claim “telling it like it is”, he is often telling it like it shouldn’t be!

The Media

The ratings obsessed media created the disaster we have walking into the off-White House by pumping up a demigogue and treating him as a real viable candidate. Thousands of hours of time were given to this man’s ridiculous rhetoric, as the media hung on his every word. I remember thinking that I could turn on my TV at any time of the day and the pundits would be what orangey was thinking, saying, doing or someone analyzing or speaking about what he was thinking, saying, or doing. It was 24-7. We never saw Hillary or Bernie in that way. By the time the media started really listening to what he was saying, it was too late. In addiiton, the media allowed this menace to spread lies and interrrupt and inject them into all of the debates without stopping him. Hillary won all three debates on issues. But the orangey shouted out and lied to the point that she actually lost them.

In addiiton, I have to believe that the polls were rigged. When the Orange Menace named a pollster as his campaign manager, I knew we were in trouble. People claimed I was being conspiratorial at the time. But it is no coincidence. I believe she was fixing the polls to give Hillary and her supporters a false sense of security. She was always smiling, like the cat who ate the canary, because she knew the fix was in. I now believe the media worked with her. Because it makes no sense how wildly wrong both the pundits and the polls were.

And finally, the media lulled us into thinking that most of his followers were batshit crazy not merely confused. They would trot out the worst wingnut deplorable, like the lady that starting talking about babies’ heads being ripped off by Hillary, as if these were the typical supporter. They were not. As it turned out it was actually and inexplicably white women, many of whom seem perfectly normal otherwise.

Hillary and The Democrats

Bernie Saunders was the choice of the Democratic base. Not recognizing this, cost us the whole election! I voted Bernie in the primaries myself. His agenda is my agenda. His agenda is the people’s agenda. The saddest thing of all is that had the Democrats run Sanders the slightly sane people, who voted for Orangey, would have voted for him. People need help. Desperate people do desperate things. And if you don’t listen to them, desperate people do suicidal or homicidal things, like vote for someone, who is clearly unfit for office thus endangering the entire world.

The Democrats and the media severely underestimated just how sexist our country still is. It seems like even white women do not want themselves to break the ultimate glass ceiling! A full 53% of white women, the very women that the Clinton campaign thought would carry her on their feminist arms into the White House, let her severely down.

At the same time, the DNC took the millenials anger over their treatment of Sanders far too lightly. If not the candidate, Sanders should have been on the ticket as the obvious VP choice. The two together would have been unstoppable because the youth vote was behind Sanders. Which brings me to…

Bernie Sanders

Bernie stayed in the race far too long after he was not chosen as the Democratic candidate, creating a nasty prolonged rift within the party. Having seen how dangerous the tan man was they should have banned together far sooner. Sanders half-hearted support of Clinton after the fact fell on deaf ears and made him more of a sell-out than a surrogate.


I have lost all respect for Julian Assange, who has proven himself to be a real pratt! He cyberbullied Clinton into a Presidential  loss that has now left the whole world in peril from the Sociopath-in-Chief. I was originally behind his struggle. But he has now, thrown a cyber temper tantrum and placed the nuclear codes in the hands of an unpredictable  madman because he fd his own Life up.

The American People

We do not know each other well enough and support each other’s struggles and there are still far too many outright racists, who cut  their ankles off to spite their foot. Another issue is that only half the country voted. We now know that 53% of white women voted against their own best interests and so did 29% of the Latino communities. It will be interesting to see what happens to these folks. There have already been over 200 racial and gender bias incidents against women, Muslims and people of color in the first three days. I predict that  buyer’s remorse will set in in the first few months.

That Girl At the Party

I am a proud blogger/influencer of 16 years and founder of the Henley Content Lab for content creators from underserved communities, who are 45 and over. I am also the founder of Chateau Canna and Cannappetit. I am also an aunt to 12 and human to Bodhi and Yoko Rey.

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