The End Of The World As We Know It


The educated and civilized world is in mourning over the victory of hate and fear over rational thought. We, Americans, have been once again robbed of a potentially great President. We are instead left with a man, so ill-suited for the office, that this may be the actual fall of America. His campaign consisted of catering to the lowest IQs in the country – the uneducated angry people, who are stuck in the past, the looney lefties, who need a cause, the racist blind and the cult-of-personality obsessed reality TV fans that cannot discern reality from TV. We crossed a real dangerous line when we made no-talent people, like the Kardashians, into celebrities. It has led to the first reality show Presidency, an administration with no substance and no plan. The country has lost its soul.


There will be no positive change for the American people under this new administration. Rather the whole country is going to suffer for the idiotic voting temper tantrum of an ill-informed populace. With an agenda catered solely for the rich and a hand-rubbing evil group of minions primed to undo, not just eight years of progress but fifty years of forward movement, this menace-in-chief will plunge millions of Americans into a life of discrimination, hardship and struggle. The only people that America will be great for again are rich white men and the Russians. Remember this is a man, whose first wife stated that he keeps a copy of Hitler’s speeches handy for light reading.


I am embarrassed, ashamed, pissed off, and in grieving for this once great nation. I know no good can come of the next four years and we may never have another democratic election again. The GOP were already hard at work on voter suppression and eliminating the Voting Rights Act. Civil Rights for everyone, gay marriage,are all now going to be gone. The Affordable Care Act – gone soon. Equal Pay for women, elimination of the prison industrial system, an end to police murders of black people, the end of student loan debt, – all impossible to achieve. I expect Social Security to be privatized, drug companies to gouge prices and all manner of other money making havoc to be unleashed.

After 240 years, evil won. A baby man, with all the traits of a narcissistic sociopath and his girl-on-girl modeling trophy wife are set to destroy the greatness of our country. A man, with the temperament of a naughty five-year old, who lied about and bullied his opponents with no experience in government or the military, has been placed as the leader of the free world. While our history has certainly had some very dark moments – slavery, segregation, the treatment of the Native American, prejudice against immigrants – we have never sunk this low. We are in the dark night of the Soul as a country.


The day after the election, the streets of NYC were filled with sullen faces of every age, race and creed. The silence reminded me of the first few days right after 911. The people¬†were so shocked and horrified that we all collectively retreated deep within. Yesterday, the knowing glances of strangers on the subway was heartbreaking. I could see that, like me, they had probably cried all night for our current President and for our country. I met an adorable little two-year girl and worried for her future. What havoc will this menace wreak on her water supply and climate? There was the elderly black lady. How will this menace lower or completely rid her of Social Security and Medicaid? I watched the beautiful twenty something female students. There will be no student loan debt relief for them and who will help them if they are ever, God forbid, sexually assaulted? Certainly, not a man who claims he sexually assaults women and “grabs them by the pussies” himself! And my heart broke as I looked at parents with their children. How can a white parent raise a child with any integrity when you can lie, bully, sexually assault people, pose naked and in porn shots, con people, plagiarize others and lie about it, work illegally in the country and lie about it, have KKK and white nationalists leanings, say you admire Hitler and other despots, be a racist, sexist xenophobe and still be President and/or First Lady. And what can we tell Black children when we had an elegant, educated black family in the White House and they were followed up by this pair? It speaks volumes to the ever present racism in this country. We, as black people, can never do enough to overcome.

The last time I felt anywhere near as sad as this was the death of my beloved mother. Because I drank the patriotic kool-aid. Even when I was an activist fighting for various causes, I still believed that there was no greater nation than America. This literally feels like the death of a family member. My one friend told me to snap out of it, that our ancestors had endured and overcome much much worse and that is true. I am all-American -a mix of everything -African, Native and White. Somebody survived the middle passage, others faced more horrors. My parents and grandparents grew up in segregated America, my great great grandparents were slaves and Native Americans. However, it is hard to quantify suffering in that way. Because while that is certainly true, it is also a fact that as a female and a black female and a businesswoman today, all it would take to plunge us back into enduring the very things that our parents and grandparents suffered is the wrong person in the White House empowered by the wrong people with a majority in Congress. And we now have both. It should be remembered that Hitler was voted in by people with the same fear based, xenophobic minsdet as the people who just voted this man in. No one saw the extent of his crazy until it was too late even though he, like this one, was displaying glimpses of his madness long before he unleashed it on his country and the world. Heaven help us all. God please truly bless America.

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