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As a single mom of four kids, Jakki Liberman wanted items for her children that promoted a healthier lifestyle while still being fun. She founded Bumkins Finer Baby Products to do so, and has since partnered with Disney, DC Comics, and Dr. Seuss for designer prints.

Maia Haag is the owner and founder of the multi-million-dollar company I See Me!, the original online hub providing kids with personalized books and gifts. Haag has created, written, and executed dozens of unique titles allowing children to star in their storybooks.

Rebecca Michaels left a career in civil engineering to pursue her creative passion and design functional and fashionable headbands. Violet Love Headbands has over 100 color and print options (with styles for women and kids) and is dedicated to eco-friendly practices.

After her mother fell ill to cancer, Marti Wymer wanted to send something special, but came up short. She decided to find a way to send chicken noodle soup, and founded Spoonful of Comfort, a now $1 million business.

Previously a public interest lawyer, Rebecca Ballard decided to create a fashion line that was both sustainable and socially conscious, while also emulating her values. She founded Maven Women, an elegant line of dresses designed to empower women everywhere. Get $10 off any dress with the coupon code “That Girl”.

Michele Mehl was looking for an easy way to still workout after breaking her leg, but was unable to find anything suitable. So she invented Excy, a lightweight and compact total body cross training system in the form of an exercise cycle.

After over a decade as a venture capitalist, Lisa Skeete Tatum wanted to start a new chapter, but she was unsure how to begin. Knowing others felts the same, she founded Landit, a technology platform designed to increase the success and engagement of women in the workplace.

Stacia Pache wanted a knee brace that was comfortable, stayed in place, and provided optimal support for her knees. Unable to find anything suitable, she had the idea for itBandz while on a run.

Struggling with financial coursework at Harvard Business School, Tina Hay found visual formats of the concepts helped her understanding. To help others understand as well, Tina founded Napkin Finance, a visual way to learn everything about money in 30 seconds or less.

After 20 years as a divorce attorney, Debra Stangl was burnt out and stressed out. She decided things needed to change to have a better life, so she founded Sedona Soul Adventures. She also wrote a book about her story, The Journey to Happy.

Noticing her young daughter loved to express herself through clothing, Sharon Blumberg founded Chooze, a brand that encourages self-expression and freedom through unique patterns and designs.

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