Celebrity Psychic Thomas John Predictions For 2014

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The biggest stories of the New Year are already old news for Celebrity Psychic Thomas John.   As an internationally regarded psychic medium and clairvoyant, he is known for his accuracy and detailed readings, his clients range from doctors, lawyers, Wall Street moguls and high-profile celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox, Jenny McCarthy, Sean Young, Sonja Tremont-Morgan, Ramona Singer, Sanaa Lathan, and Gabriel Soto, as well as noteworthy individuals such as Lynne White, Donny Deutsch, Magee Hickey and yours truly, That Girl At The Party.  I adore Thomas, who has accurately predicted many events in my Life. as well as, helped me through the grief of the sudden loss of my Mom by bringing me messages from her.

Take a glimpse at what the future has in store through Thomas John’s predictions for 2014.

(TGATP NOTE:  The one celebrity prediction I hope is wrong is the Brangelina break-up.  This is a repeat from last year and I don’t see this happening.  This lovely and devoted twosome are way too committed to each other with their enormous rainbow family.  I can’t see either of them as single parents, so again I hope he is wrong on this count.)


1. Over the next 3 years, there will be an increase in the knowledge of our existence on this planet and where we came from. We will use this knowledge to open our hearts and raise our consciousness.

2. Mass destruction including the destruction of sacred temples and sacred sites of different religious cultures

3. I know we just got a new Pope, but I am seeing drama around this Pope now in terms of his health! I am not seeing a death, but I saw he would be brought in for a health exam that seems pretty major and they will cancel some meetings or trips around him.

4. Huge bombing in China—some sort of explosion and I see people fleeing from it.

5. India is going to have a lot of controversy internally and a civil revolt.

6. A poison is released among Chinese people.

7. Germany is on my watch list for major potential terrorist threats.

8. Israel is going to be attacked by foreign terrorists.

9. India experiences a “toilet revolution.”

10. The Scots will vote “no” to independence.

11. Bus crash in China kills many.

12. I am seeing a huge paradigm shift in consciousness involving afterlife, death, and spirituality—scientists now agreeing.

13. Terrorist attack in Germany with a bomb exploding in a public place.

14. The Catholic Church completely changes its stance on gay marriage.

15. Sinking ship—cruise ship—some deaths but not many.

16. Food riots—shortages of food in some countries where you wouldn’t expect it.

17. Unfortunately, I am seeing we are on the road to World War III breaking out. I am not being shown exactly what countries will be involved.

18. Shots are fired at a major sporting event.

19. India will also endure issues when it comes to hunger and pain. Caused very simply by their government and leaders. It is becoming clearer to the people of our planet that not all political people have our best interests at heart.

20. China has a very negative energy to US next year.

21. Blood shed in India and extensive riots.


22. It’s not going to actually HAPPEN next year, but there is going to be a lot of discussion about the United States turning back into the “colonies” that it once was before—the country will eventually split into 5-10 sovereign nations.

23. Bill Clinton will undergo open-heart surgery.

24. Ruth Ginsberg steps down from her justice position.

25. ObamaCare is repealed or ended in some way. It’s going off the books for a bit, but we will pass some sort of other national healthcare system.

26. A political figure gets an STD.

27. These Olympics are a disaster on wheels and will not do well at all—I even see civilian death, and terrorism. I would highly advise anyone thinking of going to NOT attend.

28. Major scandal around CIA.

29. Assassination attempt on Obama.

30. A major US politician is involved in an intense financial and Ponzi scheme.

31. Passing of three major political figures, including Henry Kissinger, Fidel Castro, and George Bush Sr.

32. The passing of Billy Graham.

33. A huge, major political scandal surrounding the CIA.

34. Hilary Clinton will officially announce she is running for president. From all the stress, she has a health crisis, but quickly bounces back.


35. Terrorist attack on a church that seems very intentional and planned and does involve some sort of Al Qaeda connection (see #2).

36. Something really significant to St. Patrick’s. The event will be later named after St. Patrick’s Day (e.g. the St. Patrick’s Bombings, the St. Patrick Massacres).

37. The Republicans will keep the House of Representatives but fall short of capturing a majority in the Senate.

38. The stock market will have an average year; S and P will be up about 6-8%.

39. Elizabeth Warren will continue to raise her public profile and try to attack banks.

40. Little will be accomplished on state gun laws though more and more mayors and city folks will speak out about guns in their cities.

41. A bomb scare will happen at a Midwest airport in the month of April/May with the airport being evacuated. A real bomb will be found, but taken apart by a bomb team and nobody will be hurt.

42. A state out West—Colorado, Arizona, or California—will have a school shooting

43. Major negative press around EFT and retail alternative investments.

44. Public shooter where a guy is some sort of sniper and randomly driving around and shooting off guns. It will take a few days to catch him—more than 2, less than 4.

45. A small US terrorist attack will take place in Michigan/Chicago. I am seeing a combination of bombs and rifles and the number 10, as in a date or a month or a number of people dying.

46. More attacks by Al Qaeda related groups in the US—small groups, but still they are significant and do involve deaths. Something in Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

47. Dangerous situation in the spring at Disney World. Major malfunction in a ride with some deaths happening. Be careful March and April with any trips to Disney.

48. NYC: Major serial killer case.

49. Major issue with the electric grids.

50. A fire and explosion at a subway in New York City kills many.

51. Attack on an airport in Arizona or Southern California—very crazy, and a few people will die from this, but not many.

52. School shooting will happen in a small town in the South. 5-15 deaths.

53. Crazy shooting in Los Angeles—three or four people die—shooting done by paranoid schizophrenic man who is against gun reform issues—shooting done in a government building.

54. Washington DC shooting.

55. Major train derailment in Philadelphia between March and October. Many injuries and possible

56. Prince William will be the next King of England.


57. Many businesses will start to really automatize and revolutionize the way they manage traffic and flow. You will be able to pre order food before you show up (call in your Starbucks order ahead of time). Many things will also start to become much more self service oriented.

58. The value of the dollar sinks in the spring of 2014—not a good financial situation at all for the US economy.

59. More dialogue around different forms of money—more talks of a single form of banking and a single currency.

60. Big shift in the US economy and government in October. One of the most major shifts we have ever seen. October 2014 may be the most significant month in the United States history in a long time.

61. Alan Mulally becomes the next Microsoft president.

62. GDPs will fall markedly.

63. Many countries will grapple with shrinking tax bases and workforces despite widening pools of retirees demanding social-security and health-care payouts—these will go beyond US.


64. Major cyber attack on the US from a foreign country—possibly Korea or China. The Internet may even go totally down for a period of days.

65. Many cars will start to have breathalyzers on them that will not allow them to start if people have been drinking. These will be publicly disputed.

66. Social media will be much easier to facilitate communication–with one click you’ll be able to see how many of your “friends” are nearby you at the moment. For example, if you are on a bus, you’ll be able to see social media wise who is around you.

67. Cars that fly are introduced into the market—great technology and a flying car is developed and sampled. Famous celebrities are seen “test driving them.”

68. Robots will start to really take over many tasks that we do—cars that drive themselves, military warfare robots, human robots that care for elderly or the dying.

69. Someone invents some crazy invention where you can walk faster in the streets.

70. Computerized sensing and broadcasting abilities will be more widespread. Data flowing from sensor networks, RFID tags, surveillance cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles, and geo-tagged social-media posts will telegraph where we’ve been and where we are

71. Major breakthroughs will be made in quantum computing—which could lead the way to true artificial intelligence.

72. We will be landing on Mars on or before


73. DNA tests become virtually instant.

74. Breakthrough/cure for diabetes.

75. Major breakthrough with AIDS/HIV—possibly a cure.

76. Parkinson’s Brain Cells breakthrough.

77. Diagnosis pill—a pill you can swallow and it will communicate somehow what illnesses you have.

78. Genetics—de-extinction—species will be brought back from extinction.


79. Scandal surrounding sugar and cancer—these are major and very evidential.

80. Doctors will see brain diseases many years before they arise—the brain is going to become our greatest health forecaster. These will include Alzheimer’s, Autism, Lou Gehrig’s and Parkinson’s. The time range I am seeing is that we will be able to know about things 10 to 20 years in advance.


81. Very violent earthquake in South America.

82. Tsunami in a strange place that would not be expected and involves English-speaking countries.

83. A sand storm takes place. Something crazy where wind is blowing up storms ofThis will be happening in the US.

84. Colorado earthquake.

85. Major earthquake in Indonesia.

86. Firestorm in Northern California.

87. The Mississippi River overflows.

88. A storm in December kills many. It’s a hurricane/monsoon/crazy rain occurrence.

89. A major earthquake in Mexico with many many deaths.

90. Morocco is under some sort of crazy situation with weather.

91. Huge waves roaring through San Francisco and maybe flooding the city.

92. Crazy earthquake hits Europe—at least an 8 or 9.

93. Great fire that breaks out in the mountains of the Himalayas in India.

94. Major flooding in Tennessee/Alabama/Mississippi

95. January/Feb: Major ice and snowstorms—the snowiest period of time we have had in the US in a long time. Lots of storms with over a foot of snow. Some states will be covered in three feet of snow.

96. April: Terrible winds, twister, tornado energy—even in strange places that we normally would not have these types of situations.

97. Quiet hurricane season.

98. Brushfires become more frequent in the Northeast.

99. Devastating tornado rips through Illinois.

100. Largest California earthquake in years.

101. Major Tornado destroys parts of upstate NY.

102. Major storm in the month of March in San Francisco/Seattle with some serious damage done and about 50 lives lost.


103. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield go strong amongst major cheating rumors.

104. Britney Spears has a major breakdown that involves a legal breakdown; controversy with father, and her ending things in Vegas.

105. Jon Hamm is very highlighted for Emmy in 2014, but splits with Jennifer Westfeldt next year, too.

106. I feel Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will split in 2014

107. Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes will split in 2014 or early 2015.

108. Lindsay Lohan is back in front of a judge in 2014, and this time, it does not go really well for her. Lots of stress around her family, and I feel her mother will be in a hospital for something very serious. Her book will not do well, and I also see her trying to make music, and that won’t go well. I felt 2013 was a good year for her in many ways, but not 2014.

109. Kanye and Kim: Tons of drama at their wedding—venue changes and date changes. A divorce/separation here is inevitable. They are not soul mates.

110. The Kardashian empire falls—we are going to be seeing a lot less of them in the media and elsewhere, and I feel their “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” being cancelled.

111. Jessica Biel is pregnant.

112. Bruno Mars talking about his sexuality in a very public and significant way.

113. Blake Lively is pregnant.

114. Angelina and Brad Pitt are going to have a very rocky year. I see them ending it. It’s inevitable.

115. Chelsea Clinton: drama around her pregnancy. The baby might be miscarried or a very difficult birth.

116. Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner totally separate.

117. Sandra Bullock is involved with an adoption.

118. Stalker incident involving Madonna.

119. Many mourn the death of a young famous female, who dies of a drug overdose during the cold weather.  When she passes, she is in a major city, and she might be in a place that she doesn’t live in like on a set or on tour. I keep seeing the number 27 too. She is likely an actress or a music star.

120. Justin Bieber makes a movie and enters a hot and heavy relationship with someone new—tons of drama with him and Selena, and she’s very angry.

121. Despite rumors, Justin Bieber will NOT retire after his next album, though his album will be his most successful one yet.

122. Martha Stewart enters a relationship.

123. Tom Cruise enters a new relationship with a well-known, younger brunette.

124. Oprah Winfrey rises to the top again—her ratings soar on OWN.

125. Bill Gates—major health crisis.

126. Queen Latifah will speak out publicly and officially about her sexuality.

127. Major celebrity involved with a kidnapping.

128. Paris Hilton is engaged.

129. Major car crash in April involving two well-known celebrities, possibly a couple, as I feel it’s a man and a woman.

130. Miley Cyrus will enter some form of rehab, but her career will remain very strong.

131. Tina Turner becomes ill in the month of April/May.

132. Beyoncé—sadness and despair in the beginning of the year.

133. Beyoncé is pregnant.

134. Sharon Stone makes a major comeback in a great picture and is given many awards.

135. A major murder scandal surrounding a major celebrity that is normally affiliated with brilliant movies. It’s a long drawn out process that likely won’t be resolved in 2014, but he is eventually found guilty.

136. Katy Perry and John Mayer split and she enters a new relationship.

137. Kelly Clarkson is surrounded by financial controversy.

138. Towards the end of the year (possibly early 2015) there is the announcement of the second royal baby, which my sense is strong that it’s a female.

139. The following people will be featured in the news for significant health issues or passing away: Jay Leno, Barbra Streisand, Lady Gaga (very serious, with bad outcome), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Willie Robertson (I actually feel he could have some sort of heart attack), Zsa Zsa Gabor (strong sense of death), Jerry Lewis, Natalie Cole.


February 19
March 17
August 19
December 29th.
Also, September 11th keeps coming up.

ABOUT CELEBRITY PSYCHIC THOMAS JOHN:  Thomas John is an internationally regarded psychic medium and clairvoyant, as well as a published author and life coach, who has conducted hundreds of readings around the world. Known for his accuracy and detailed readings, Thomas John has provided evidence of the survival of consciousness to clients ranging from doctors, lawyers, Wall Street moguls, several high-profile celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox, Jenny McCarthy, Sean Young, Sonja Tremont-Morgan, Ramona Singer, Sanaa Lathan, and Gabriel Soto, as well as noteworthy individuals such as Lynne White, Donny Deutsch, Magee Hickey and blogger Courtney Henley, a.k.a That Girl At The Party.

Thomas John regularly contributes to HollywoodLife.com and has been featured by top media outlets including New York Magazine, Life & Style Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Travel Channel, OK! Magazine, New York Post, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, The Jenny McCarthy Show, HollywoodLife.com, The Hollywood Reporter, The Trisha Show, Yahoo! Voices and VIBE.com. He is also a regular guest on 106.7 Lite FM, 103.9 WFAS FM, and 77 WABC AM.

Thomas John lives in New York City with his dog Brady, named after the New England Patriots’ quarterback.  In his spare time, he enjoys travel, family gatherings, meditation, and garage sales.

For more information about Thomas John, please visit:   www.mediumthomas.com

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