How To Rock Cute Shoes Without The Foot Pain

I recently made a promise to myself that my feet would never ever hurt again! I have literally hundreds of pairs of shoes and the ones that are not comfy are being donated! Here is a guest post from Dr. Suzanne Levine on how to keep your feet comfy and safe. (Level 0)

Speed Cleaning Tips From The Maids

I have always hated cleaning and can’t believe that I still don’t have live-in help! But since I still have to fit housecleaning into my mad busy lifestyle, I advocate taking small, time-efficient steps when it comes to maintaining an orderly and clean house. Here are some great tips from The Maids. And I suggest you use Meyers or Ecover products, make that face up, throw on your sexiest lingerie and pump your favorite tracks to make it all less painful!

A Fashionista Hurricane Survival Guide

I don’t know about you, but I am scared silly about this coming storm! While I was trying to get my outfits together and shows scheduled for NY Fashion Week, I am now focusing on getting me and Dinah Washington Cat in peak survival mode. Here are some things that we are being advised to do with a couple of fun TGATP ideas thrown in!

Ways to Beat The Heat!

OMG, it’s sweltering heat here in NY and across the country with temps hitting the high 90’s and even the 100’s in some places! Dinah and I are braving it with these great products!