Santa Bring These Celebs A Lump Of Coal!

As the holiday season kicked off, so did the Hollywood craziness! Here are five stories of celebs behaving so badly that we hope that Santa brings them a lump of coal this year!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

This Thanksgiving, my thoughts are with my fellow New Yorkers. While Sandy may have struck us financially and materially, we can all give thanks to be alive. I am also thankful for an end to a contentious political season and the start of the holidays. Remember to give thanks for all the great and small things in your Life and have a Happy, Joyous Thanksgiving!

We Love Brad Pitt But The Chanel 5 Ad Sucks!

We were naturally intrigued when we heard that the yummy, gorgeous, #2 on the TGATP Man To-Do List after Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt was the new face of Chanel 5. And directed by Joe Wright, who has so beautifully remade Anna Karenina, it looked set to be amazing. Well, the ad has been released and we can only say, what the…?

5 Reasons To Love Living In New York City!

New York is more than just a city, as a famous song once said “It’s a state of mind”. The buzzing metropolis that is New York is somewhere that, once visited, is never forgotten. But what is it about New York that keeps people coming back for more? Here are five reasons to love living in New York.

GBK Lounge Attracts The Stars At Fashion Week

For the second year in a row, this September, GBK, the luxury lifestyle gift lounge and special events company is offering its exclusive list of invited celebrities, VIPs, and media including yours truly TGATP, an opportunity to explore new products and enjoy a luxury environment and beauty services.

Eat Your Heart Out Madonna, It’s Gaga On the Vogue September Issue Cover!

On August 21st, the Bible of Fashion, every Fashionista’s textbook, the One we wait for all year, the edition that has made and broken editors’ careers, the only issue to be a subject of a documentary film – The Vogue September Issue hits newsstands! Celebrating 120 years of American style, with style icon, Lady Gaga, on the cover (eat your heart out, Madonna!) it will be 916 pages of gorgeous Fall Fashion!

The Makeup Show Hits NYC for Another Smashing Year!

The Makeup Show hosted is annual seminar for beauty bloggers featuring all of Founder James Vincent’s favorite products. Every year the list keeps getting longer in an event that has become as anticipated by beauty editors/bloggers as the legendary Oprah Favorite Things Christmas show