We Love Brad Pitt But The Chanel 5 Ad Sucks!

We were naturally intrigued when we heard that the yummy, gorgeous, #2 on the TGATP Man To-Do List after Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt was the new face of Chanel 5.  An out of the box idea for the brand, Brad was to be the first male star to shill for the brand.  And directed by Joe Wright, who has so beautifully remade Anna Karenina, it looked set to be amazing.  Well, the ad has been released and we can only say,what the…?  Pitt was purportedly paid 7 million which will go a long way towards all those college funds.  But from the looks of it, more of the budget should have been spent finding an agency that could create good copy.  The ad is laughable, makes no sense and is an embarrassment for both the Chanel and Pitt brands.

Brad looks hot (can he ever not?) but then is forced to recite a slew of corny lines like, “It’s not a journey….the world turns and we turn with it.”  Pitt is by all accounts a really bright guy but these ads make him sound pretentiously dumb.  This kinda ad nightmare is why most actors are smart enough to only shill stuff on foreign shores.  What was his agent thinking?  One bad ad, like this, can call into question one’s whole career leaving a stain on it as nasty as the one Clinton left on Monica’s dress!  A rare career faux pas for Brad, even Angelina must’ve laughed her ass off when she saw it.  If Brad were my man, I’d be teasing him forever about it!  At least, there will be some laughs ahead as I expect tons of YouTube parodies and an SNL skit will come out of this mess.

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